Friday, May 29, 2009

Spontaneous River @ Galapogos 5/27/09

Wow! 27 strings, 1 drumkit that was sometime played like a string, and 1 violin/composer. It was a very full stage.

You can see below there were many great musicians there. It was very nice. I had to leave at about 10:45ish, but what I saw was superb.

I don't know quite how it worked. Jason sometimes made typical conducting signals, sometimes held up cards, and sometimes signaled by playing his violin at the musicians. He also took a solo at one point, turning around to face us.

There were solos and parts where one section would play. I liked when just the guitar section played - it was quite interesting.

I wish I could have stayed til the end, but I'm tying to balance a heavy workload and get to as much live music as possible.

10pm: JASON KAO HWANG/ SPONTANEOUS RIVERVIOLIN: Henry Grimes, Sam Bardfeld, Sarah Bernstein, Trina Basu, Mark Chung, David Soldier, Rosi Hertlein, Marlene Rice, Curtis Stewart, Elektra Stewart, Skye Steele. VIOLA: Judith Insell, Nicole Federici, Eric Salazar. CELLO: Tomas Ulrich, Kirsten Jermé, Daniel Levin. BASS: Michael Bisio, Ken Filiano, Francois Grillot, Clifton Jackson, David Chevan. DRUM KIT: Andrew Drury. GUITAR: Bradley Farberman, Cristian Amigo, James Keepnews, Dom Minasi, Dave Ross, Tor Snyder, Hans Tammen. COMPOSER/CONDUCTOR/VIOLIN: Jason Kao Hwang.

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