Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bustle in Your Hedgerow @ Blue Nile 5/3/09

I finally bailed from Tips. I'm so glad because I would have missed it otherwise. I had an advance ticket, but it was so late there was no one checking them. I didn't get there earlier because I figured I have plenty of opportunities to see them.

Well, wouldn't ya know, even though it was only 2-3 songs, it was my favorite and best show of the trip. This band is phenomenal.

As if I needed any more proof, they actually played Led Zep on the system immediately after the band ended. My first thought was "how absurd". My 2nd thought was to notice how much better Bustle is than studio Zep. Really. Way way better. At least the studio Zep 40 years ago. Who knows what it would be like with today's resources.

They did change the record mid-song, because it was ridiculous to be playing it.

Anyway, they announced another set, but people were too pooped, so it wasn't going to happen. I guess that's the one "disadvantage" to being well rested the last night of jazzfest.

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