Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marc Ribot Tribute @ The Stone 5/13/09

I went to the first set, and it was awesome. Marco Cappelli did about 4 or 5 pieces that were very complex and challenging. He said he commissioned Marc to write 1 piece for him and he got 4. Marco was amazing. I would venture to go so far to say he's more technically capable on the complex stuff than Ribot. That's not really saying much, except that he was incredibly amazing. I also never noticed the 7 additional strings on his 6-string. They are on a diagonal and underneath in a cross-under from the typical strings.
It's also a very beautiful guitar.

That was enough yet it was only the beginning. After that, Anthony Lane came up and did some really nice solo pieces. He didn't do much with the inside of the piano, but he seemed to be warming it up for the next set. He was wonderful. He played a few pieces.

After that, there was an incredible duo of Billy Martin and Grey Gerstein. I hadn't realized that was him. I've seen him around a lot, and I've probably heard him and don't remember. Billy was heavy duty and stellar. Gerstein was awesome. He did the more soulful side of Ribot's music.

Each of those ensembles in that hour were worth more than the price of admission. It was a very special treat.

I had trouble leaving the area for Joe's Pub. Everywhere I looked, there was another of my favorite stellar artists showing up to play in the 2nd set. It was tough, but I knew there was other greatness to be experienced nearby ...

Marco Capelli, Anthony Coleman, Grey Gersten, Jon Madof, Eyal Maoz, Roger Kleier
Six colleagues, fans and cohorts of Marc Ribot pay tribute to the master in this special night of musical madness. Three performances per set feature music from several of Ribot's most beloved projects.
5/13 Wednesday (JM)

8 pm
Marco Capelli/Anthony Coleman/Grey Gersten play MARC RIBOT
Marco Capelli, Grey Gersten (guitar) Anthony Coleman (piano) Billy Martin (drums)
Marco Capelli will play material from Ribot's eclectic solo repertoire. Anthony Coleman will perform a variety of Ribot originals, and Grey Gersten will present "Dying Cowboy" and "Etude #4 Bombasto" in duo with Billy Martin.

This is the set I missed:
10 pm
John Madof and Rashanim/Eyal Maoz/Roger Kleier's El Pocho Loco Project play MARC RIBOT
Jon Madof, Eyal Maoz, Roger Kleier (guitar) Shanir Blumenkranz, Trevor Dunn (bass) Mathias Kuntzli, Ches Smith (drums) Annie Gosfield (keyboards) Rich Stein (percussion)
Three exciting young guitarists pay tribute to the master—performing material from Yo I Killed Your God, Cubanos Postizos and more.

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