Sunday, May 10, 2009

NOLA 5/5/09

I had the work thing, so I was pacing myself. I did make it out for one last hurrah on the music the night before I left. I also enjoyed the city and it was nice to stay down after the fest.

I've been there at off times before, even before Katrina. I sometimes found it a little dead on certain off nights. You can always find music, but it seemed not many people around. This was usually in the Fall. It didn't seem that way this trip. There were enough people around the quarter to feel like there was life still brewing. It was a great time.

First, we had a work function early at House of Blues. It was awful, as I suspected. Terrible food, terrible music. I didn't think it was possible to get a bad band in NOLA, but leave it to HOB and a corporate function. It was a very bad wedding band. Such a shame because there's so much untapped talent in that town, they could have done way better for the same price.

I didn't stay long and headed out to Preservation Hall for the Preservation Hall Allstars. It included Shannon Powell and David Torkanowsky. They also had a great trumpet, trombone, and bass. It was awesome.

At setbreak, I went across Maison Bourbon for a little tip jar Dixieland Jazz. The music there is usually good. They broke for setbreak soon after, so I got my drink to go and headed out.

I then went up to Fritzel's for the first time. This place is awesome. The music was awesome. Better than Maison Bourbon and at least as good as Pres Hall. I loved the feel of the place. It was like you weren't on Bourbon anymore. It has the feel of a European Jazz place. I was allowed to bring my drink in and just bought a bottle of water. They were also playing for tips.

I then went back to Pres for the rest of the 2nd set. They were doing a 3rd set, but I was ready to move on. I found myself heading over to Frenchman.

There was a funky band at the place can't remember the name to. It's in between Blue Nile and d.b.a. and across the street from Apple Barrel. They usually have funk or blues and the bands play for tips. It was very funky and had the name Neville in it, but no Neville I have heard of before. I went in an danced for a couple.

I then went up to d.b.a. for the New Orleans Jazz Vipers. It was no cover, which was a problem. There was way to much talking and it was hard to enjoy, even from up front. There were some swing dancers up there. I did enjoy it for a bit, and I love that they have a bass sax. I left something in the tip jar and moved on.

I then saw that the Open Ears series was happening upstairs at the Blue Nile. I forgot I had intended to get there. I now see from the listing it was original compositions from drummer Charles Brewer and his trio. I enjoyed it a lot. I love that they have this. I think it adds a lot to the NOLA music landscape.

I still had the seminar the next day, so I didn't stick around much longer. I got all that great music and I was in bed by 1:30. It was a nice way to go out.

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