Monday, May 11, 2009

Cotito @ Rose Live 5/10/09 + venue description

I ducked out for a taco in between sets. They had BBQ - burgers and dogs - but they didn't look that appealing to me. The taco was awesome.

I got back in the middle of the set, but before Ribot joined them. I was disappointed to see there were still people taking up a lot of space sitting on the floor. I actually talked to each of them at the next set break and I think I convinced many of them to stand up for the next set. For the 1st 2 bands, a lot of people couldn't get in the room and had to listen back by the bar.

This is a good time to describe the venue. I didn't go downstairs, but I think I heard someone say there is a nice winebar down there. As soon as you walk in, there is a bar area. Just past the bar is a curtained off performance space. They had the curtain open for this show, so there were people standing back by the bar to hear. Again, more would have fit in the space if there weren't sitters down front.

In the performance space the stage was just a continuation of the floor. There were some cushy seats around the perimeter of the space.

You have to walk out past the space in a narrow corridor that is part of the space to get to the "garden". During the show that was kind of awkward. The back porch was a rather tight area with about 10 tables and a BBQ area. There was another area back there, outside, that was being used to store a lot of tables and chairs. I guess they will set up that area of the patio later.

Anyway, this band was great. I was grooving on the cuchon. It got even better when Ribot sat in for the last 15 minutes. He sounded great.

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