Friday, May 8, 2009

Perrier Lounge Soul Party @ Maple Leaf 4/30/09

Technically all the 4/30 shows I went to were 5/1, but its how I track them. I often say its not the next day until I go to bed.

I had no intention of schlepping out to the awesome Maple Leaf or of going to this. It was listed in Offbeat as a James Brown Tribute featuring Tony Hall. I had rather low expectations. But, I had an offer of a ride there and back and good company, so it was hard to refuse. Here's the official listing.

It was awesome! Super funky with louder horns than the earlier show. I was very happy.

It had a sax that played with James Brown, I think a trumpet and a trombone or something. Tony Hall and Nick Daniels on bass. Excellent keyboard. Renard Poche on guitar. Eric Bolivar on drums. Yup, funky. I really wish Renard was in Dumpstaphunk.

This was perfect and I now felt I was getting my jazzfest on.

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