Monday, May 11, 2009

La Cumbiamba Eneye @ Rose Live @ 5/10/09

An added bonus of this show was that I could check out how to get to Rose Live during the day. Its actually pretty easy from the L train. I took it to Lorimar, but I found out going home its pretty much as easy to take it to Bedford.

I love this band. Marc Ribot was playing with them the whole 1/2 hour set. He started out on this little guitar-type thing I saw them selling at jazzfest. It was being advertised as easy for anyone to play. After the 1st song, he picked up his regular guitar.

Except for the very start of the set, there were at least 3 drums going at all times. After the 1st song, they brought out a singer. She was good and added to it. The set was only about 1/2 hour, from 2-2:30. They had to make time for the 2 other bands coming up.

The band sometimes plays Nublu. Now that I see Rose Live isn't hard to get to, I'm looking forward to seeing this band again. Here's their schedule:

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