Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chris Potter's Underground @ Jazz Standard 4/28/09

Definitely a perfect show for my last before jazzfest. I am so glad I made it work. This band is amazing. It was very difficult to not get up and dance. I would love to see them at a place where you can dance. I think if they made it even more special, like with guests and stuff, they could book Sullivan Hall. Maybe a double bill with K3 would make it perfect.

It was amazing even when Chris wasn't on stage. There were also a lot of incredible parts with just Chris and Nate. This ensemble is A Plus top notch.

It was very tough not to stay for the 2nd set. Looking back, I don't quite know why I didn't.

Chris Potter’s Underground
* Chris Potter – tenor saxophone
* Adam Rogers – guitar
* Craig Taborn – Fender Rhodes
* Nate Smith – drums

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