Thursday, May 28, 2009

Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo

It's really nice. I mean REALLY nice. It's beautiful - outside and in. It's got a wonderful vibe, good energy. I felt great in there.

You walk in the door and there is a small foyer with all glass looking into the space. There are glass doors into the space on each side. They were only allowing entrance on the right side, where the girl taking the cover is. The door on the left side is right by the bar.

Still. It doesn't take much to walk by the glass to get to the bar. For most of the first set, I stood right in front of the glass foyer windows, under the balcony. The sound was excellent, even under the balcony. I thought it was a little better downstairs than on the balcony.

There are clusters of seating areas, large areas where about 10 or more people can sit in comfy seats, aside from where you walk over to each area the rest has a railing around it and is surrounded by a foot of black-dyed water. The affect is beautiful. There are I think 6 of these seating areas downstairs with lots of sitting room up in the balcony and a few comfy chair with backs at the bar.

The upstairs balcony is in a horseshoe around the stage with tables and chairs. Some are up against the rail. Some of the seating doesn't have backs (I think, or it has low backs). There is a small service bar up there that wasn't in use that night.

There was one waitress and one bartender working, which is all they needed. The bar downstairs is small enough that they probably never have more than one on downstairs and possibly one upstairs. The selection looks good and the stiff drinks are high Manhattan prices.
Overall I love the place and it blows the last one away, for an art space. Its funny that they moved due to rent and were able to find an old stable that works so much better.

Here's a photo tour from the website. It doesn't really convey how nice it felt to be there, though.

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