Monday, May 11, 2009

Los cubanos Postizos @ Rose Live 5/10/09

What a band! Words can't describe how absolutely fantastic this band is.

By this time, around 2:30, everyone who wanted to be in the room was. I think most or all of the sitters were now up, and some people had left.

I think they were playing the album, basically in order. I love the album! Its so good live. Really, I don't think I can do justice to how awesome this was and how great it made me feel. I'm so happy I get to do it all over again at LPR on Fri. I'm also glad I got to see it in such a small space.
Here's the full listing of this great great show. It was also wonderful to have it in the middle of the day. Since I just got my batteries recharged at Jazzfest, it was awesome to leave so happy and full with stellar music in daylight! There were a lot of nice people at this show, which also added to the fun.
For Marc's 55th birthday, he will be reconvening some old bands and premiering some new over a week long run of shows in various venues around NYC from May 9 - 16th! Rose is excite to host Day 2 of Marc's retrospective with a MOTHER'S DAY MATINEE!
Marc will be sitting in with the master cajon player from Peru, with the Colombian party ensemble & revives his most celebrated "fake Cubans" w/Anthony Coleman, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez + special guests!
Sunday May 10th, 1PM doors
Bring your mothers!
BBQ provided in the garden!
$15 at the door / $10 for Mothers & children under 14! Proof of motherhood required! Enter discount code "mother"

Advance tickets have been sold out. Limited tickets will be released at the door day of show.

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