Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nicholas Payton @ Birdland 5/23/09

I made it to the last set. I would have preferred a weeknight, but I couldn't make it happen. They were fully booked, but there were only 4 ahead of me at 12 and they were still letting people with res in. There was no one in the res line, so I guess they hold them up to the last minute. Anyway, I was able to get in for a bar spot. It was pretty full, but they still has some table space for some latecomers. The manager seemed surprised. I got the idea that often you can't get in there on a Sat without a res. Since I prefer to stand, at some point the manager asked me to go up the steps in the back. It was much better than my old standing spot, over by the merch. I could see really well. I don't understand why they charge more for those tables up front - I think its a little too close.

I was drawn to the Rhodes/piano player a lot. He was excellent. I was surprised at the end when I found out he is Robert Glasper. He looks so different with the beard and he's a little older now.

The bass had me from time to time. Some nice straight ahead grooves. I just checked his bio and I see he plays in both Payton and Glasper's bands, so he might just be the link.

I love having a drummer and a percussionist. Both are great. I loved the long drum solo by Gilmore toward the end. It was probably close to 15 minutes and amazing. That says a lot about Nicholas Payton.

There was a female vocalist for one tune. I liked it when she sang along with the trumpet.

There was also one where Nicholas sang. I could have done without that, even though he didn't sing much. It was also the very mellow tune. There were still plenty of good moments in that one.

I'm definitely glad I made it. I wonder if we will be seeing more of Payton and Glasper together.

Group featuring: Nicholas Payton (trumpet) Johnaye Kendrick (vocals) Robert Glasper (piano)
Vincente Archer (bass) Daniel Sadownick (percussion) Marcus Gilmore (drums)

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