Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gersten/Sawyer @ The Stone 5/22/09

It was supposed to be a trio, but the Lucas had another gig in Montreal. Grey said he plays tapes. Then he said he was here in spirit and held up a tape recorder. In a piece towards the end, Grey played it by having it on and holding it by his guitar in interesting ways. It was pretty cool.

It was great, on the avant-noise side. It got loud, but not too loud. I really enjoyed watching Gersten. He's very creative and played the electric guitar in many ways I've never seen. Sawyer sounded as excellent as always.

This was an excellent, rare 50 minute set. Its been a while since I've been to such creative music (last night was the first in a while). I think I'm appreciating the out there ultra-creative even more these days.

Grey Gersten, G. Lucas Crane, Ryan Sawyer
Grey Gersten (guitar) G. Lucas Crane (tapes, broken equipment) Ryan Sawyer (drums)

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