Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marc Ribot Trio @ Joe's Pub 5/13/09

I got there just before 9:30. There was a good amount of people there, but it didn't look like it was sold out. I was able to get the barstool in the main area - the one closest to the stage. They did remove the stools at the bar, but I've seen the place much more crowded than it was. It was still pretty much full, just not "to the brim".

The trio is Spiritual Unity minus one,Ribot/Grimes/Taylor. It wasn't Albert Ayler stuff though. At least not discernable. It was more like what I saw Ribot/Grimes at the Rubin Museum last month.

It was excellent. It was awesome to see Ribot right after seeing that tribute show. I see how there are many great guitar players. I saw 2 do a top-notch job of interpreting his music. They were really awesome. But, nothing can really compare to the man himself. He's something unique and special in his own right. And, I can say that about everyone I saw at the tribute, Henry Grimes, and Chad Taylor. I really am blessed to live here and know about this stuff.

This is a great trio and I'm glad it exists.

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