Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fairgrounds 5/3/09

I don't really know why I didn't make it out Sat night. There were certainly enough spectacular shows listed all night at multiple venues. Whatever. I didn't make it out and slept most of the night.

I also must say the fest that last day was a little lackluster. I did get some good music, but it wasn't on par with Sat. I left a little early, knowing I would be doing it up that night. I decided not to deal with the mob to see Neal Young - I wasn't in the mood. I did see him with Crazy Horse way way back at the Mann Music Center in Phila.

The highlights of that day were St. Louis Slim, Paky Saavedra's Bandido, and DJ Soul Sister at the Congo Square Stage. That sister sure knows how to get down. She always impresses me.

I did catch a lot more great snippets for a song or 2 in my wanderings. I definitely enjoyed myself, I'm just spoiled.

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