Monday, May 11, 2009

James Carter @ Blue Note 5/10/09

There was no way I was missing this. I already missed 2 great Blue Note shows due to stubbornness about the venue.

I got my favorite seat back by the soundbooth for the last set of the run.

James Carter is amazing! He started out on baritone then moved to soprano then flute and finally tenor. Every note, every solo was completely mind-blowing! I especially loved the major baritone solo at the end of the first song.

McBride mainly played upright, but went electric for the last tune. He really held down the groove. There were pieces of some funk tunes coming out at times in the last couple of songs.
Medeski was awesome. For me, his brilliance really came out in the middle of the set. His solos weren't on par with the rest before that, but I think that was just my own experience.

Someone I ran into earlier who had already been to this told me he though Adam Rogers was the only slightly weak link. I thought Adam was great and could hold his own. His comment was really about having another giant up there, like Marc Ribot. That would have been something!

Joey Barron was as great as always. It's awesome he's playing around NYC more often lately.

This was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. What a way to come back to NYC!

I mean, this is such a great band they all get listed in the title:
James Carter w/John Medeski, Adam Rogers, Christian McBride Joey Baron
James Carter, saxophones
John Medeski, organ
Adam Rogers, guitar
Christian McBride, bass
Joey Baron, drums

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