Friday, May 8, 2009

Midnight Disturbers @ Colton School 4/30/09

I skipped Bonerama in favor of a nap. I was surprised the venue is an old High School that was recently turned into an art space. I got there around 12:30ish and it was set break. I started catching up with folks. I didn't realize Brian Coogin was leading a jam session in the cafeteria or I would have definitely gone in to check it out.

I think the set was something like 1-2:30am. It was in the school auditorium. They took out some of the seats in the front to make dancing room.

The show started with some horns coming out onto the floor in the audience. More and more musicians kept coming out. It was kind of exciting. It would have had a much better effect if you could hear it though. I could hear it, and I was pretty close. But, it just wasn't powerful enough. Too bad.

They then made their way to the exit still playing, and kept playing as they went onstage. At the end, they left the stage still playing. I loved the concept.

It was also slightly disappointing Skerik wasn't there. Only slightly because this band has too many greats, and I knew Skerik had a gig at The Maple Leaf at the same time. I did think he might show later, but he didn't. There were a couple of special guests. I can't quite remember now, but I figured they were guests because they didn't have the "listen to _____ " shirts on. I love the band uniforms. They each have a different person they suggest we listen to, and I think it's awesome.

The playing was excellent, they brought it, but the sound wasn't cutting it. It wasn't bad enough to leave, but it wasn't that great, either. Oh well, I knew I would be getting plenty of great horns later.

Now that I see the listing on jazzfestgrids, I could have known what was going on. I've been very busy with work, so I didn't spend much time combing the grids like I usually do.

Backbeat JazzFest Series & Ropeadope present

Bonerama/The Midnite Disturbers featuring Stanton Moore & Ben Ellman; Troy Andrews; Big Sam, Mark Mullins, Kevin O'day and special guests 10pm

Jammin' at Colton -a free and open Jam featuring Brian Coogan on the Hammond B3/Grand Piano, Doug Garrison (Iguanans) on drums, Brian Seeger, Guitar -Peter Spring-bass, Dan Oestricher-Sax (fromTrobomone Shorty), Troi Bechet - vocals. Open to all musicians -9pm (Red Ballroom)

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