Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hans Tanneb & Improving Orchestra @ Galapagos 5/27/09

I got there at about 8:45, but still probably got most of the performance, which ended at 9:30ish, maybe a little later. It was stellar.

There was a flute player. He played the flute, piccolo, and contrabass flute. He was awesome in each. I love the sounds coming from the contrabass flute, beautiful and deep. It was my first experience with it. It looks heavy and hard to play.

I enjoyed my dancing spot in the back. But, I couldn't quite see everything due to the conductor or other musicians blocking my view. It looked like the trombone player had a smaller version as well as the traditional. I was looking forward to getting a better look after it ended, but they drew the curtain. Oh well. It is classy to have a curtain.

The bass was quite interesting. Its a large acoustic bass, not contrabass. I loved that deep sound as well.

The percussion was awesome. I wish I could have seen all the stuff he was playing on the floor.
There was a point where I was looking for an Indian instrument and then I realized it was Briggan on alto. I figure he had that sock in it. I loved that sound.

Everyone and every moment was awesome. One more highlight was the flute jam with Marty Erlich and the other guy. But, it was all great.

Mari Kimura (vio), David Soldier (vio), Jason Hwang (vla), Tomas Ullrich (cel), Marty Ehrlich (bcl, as, fl), Briggan Krauss (as, bari), Chris McIntyre (tb), Robert Dick (fl, cbfl), Dafna Naphtali (voice, live sound processing), Denman Maroney (p/kb), Ursel schlicht (p/kb), Stomu Takeishi (b), Satoshi Takeishi (perc), Hans Tammen (composer, conductor, concept).

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