There were lots of late night French Quarter options. This was the one calling me.

It was a lot of fun to get down. They are still pretty generic for me, but still fun. Just when I'd start to get bored, they would bring out guests. There was a trumpet and trombone from the same town in England. It's always good to add horns. They were a little weak to me, but I think that's just because of the powerful level of so many NOLA horns. I liked them a little more when they sat in again later.

In between those 2 times, they brought out 2 really powerful horns, another trumpet and trombone. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! That was great. They are from the band Lubriphonic and they have been touring together. During that song, the members of Lubriphonic gradually took over The New Mastersounds instruments until we had an entirely different band for a bit. Later, they called that "setbreak". In other words, they played straight through for about 4 hours.

The other special guest was this amazing lady tambourine player. She rocked! I saw her playing in one of the Contemporary Craft booths that day at the fest. She was awesome then as well.

When I left once it ended at 6:30am, there was something very musical about the early morning sounds. The birds were chirping different tunes and I would occasionally walk by a wind chime. The sound of the wind added something to the mix. It was magical!