Sunday, May 10, 2009

Branford Marsalis @ Jazz Standard 5/9/09

I knew this was my only chance to catch this, so I took it. I also knew it might tough to get in. Still, the 11:30 set and being a single would likely work for me. I got there just before 11:30 and was able to get a good seat after waiting about 7 minutes. The parties of 3 and 4 who were waiting without res before me didn't make it in.

It was awesome! Tain wasn't there, bit there was another monster drummer in his stead. This was very top-notch music. It drew a different clientele, the mainstream great jazz lovers.

It was very good and a so far I've been having a great time coming off of jazzfest.

An Evening With Branford Marsalis
* Branford Marsalis – tenor and soprano saxophone
* Joey Calderazzo – piano
* Eric Revis – bass
* Justin Faulkner – drums

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