Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cedric Burnside @ d.b.a. 5/3/09

I went over to d.b.a. at 3:30am and they told me to go in and enjoy myself without cover. It was awesome and went til 4.

I saw Cedric earlier that day in the Blues Tent for a bit. It was good, but this was way better. I didn't know he used to be in North Mississippi Allstars. The fest set just had a guitar and tambourine with Cedric. I can't exactly say who was up there that night, but you can see the listing below. Cody was there.

It was awesome. Everyone was into it and dancing. I'm glad I got to check it out. It was a nice consolation prize.

Cedric Burnside & Lightning Malcolm & friends w/Calvin Jackson, Joeseph Burnside & Cody Burnside w/special guests

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Paul Pollmann said...

That must have been quite a show. I saw them in the afternoon in the Bluestent and couldn't stop dancing in the back. I was too tired to go over to dba at night, but it seems it would have been worth it.

Paul Pollmann