Sunday, May 10, 2009

Billy Bang & William Parker @ Rubin Museum 5/8/09

NOLA was great and all that, but it's nice to be back. I saw my friend I used to work with who introduced me to NOLA music and taught me a lot back when we lived in Chicago. He said he created a monster when he saw me this trip. He definitely gets a lot of the credit, but it was also experiencing jazzfest that did it. I realized a while ago how much I love live music and that I don't have to wait a whole year to get as much as possible - it's right here in my wonderful city.

I've seen some phenomenal music since I've been back. The level of quality here is unbelievable. It started with this awesome acoustic violin/bass duo at the Rubin Museum.

They selected a medicine Buddha museum piece for the special composition for the event. The whole 1 hour set was fabulous. These 2 are great together.

There was one piece where Billy played the mbira (thumb piano) and William played the kora (or something similar). That was pretty cool.

Other than that, Bill played that beautiful violin for the other pieces. There was one where William had that thing that reminds me of a recorder. He told us the name of it, but I can't remember. I know I will find out eventually.

I continue to love seeing shows there. It also got me excited about Vision Fest coming up.

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