Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Undead Jazzfest @ PA, CS, and Cameo 6/26/11

I love Williamsburg and it was such an easy stretch.  There were 4 stages, which made it more challenging to see it all.  I only missed a little, though.

Public Assembly had 2 stages, which I will label PA1 and PA2.  PA1 was the stage by the front where you walk in.  Stage 2 was in the back in a separate room.  The sound did commingle sometimes between both stages.

Cubana Social (CS) is a good place!  It looks like they have live Latin music and very good food and drinks.  I didn't eat, but I want to get back there for an evening.

I really like Cameo, which is the performance room in the back of The Lovin Cup.

Bazingas was awesome at PA1!  I did have to whip out my earplugs because Ches Smith is a monster drummer.  It also includes Brian Drye on trombone, piano, synth, compositions, Jonathan Goldberger on guitar, baritone guitar, and Kirk Knuffke on cornet.

I then went down the hall to PA2 to check out Gene Lake.  I got the last bit of a song that sounded good.  Then he did some talking.  Next they were going to play a ballad.  I knew I would be remiss if I didn't catch some of Marika's set ...

I saw the very end of Marika Hughes set at CS.  She had her cello and Charlie Burnham had his violin.  I'm not sure who else was in it.

I then went back for a little more Gene Lake.  It was good - there was something about the organ I wasn't crazy about.  I'm very particular with organ - there's a lot I don't like.

I was also worried about missing the duo with Mike Pride (dums) and Jon Irabagon (sax) at Cameo.  Good move!  It was fantastic!  I need to see Mike Pride more.  I never realized he looks a little like David King.

Back to CS for Graffito w/ special guest Andrew d'Angelo.  I was happy to see Marco Cappelli is in it.  I also recognized some faces from the blown away phenomenal Andrew d'Angelo Big Band set last Thurs.  I also had a delicious Social Mohito.  They put ginger in it and it's awesome.  Graffito is an awesome string ensemble.  Add Andrew's sax and it gets even better.

I'm a little fuzzy on the order I saw the next 3 bands.  It went something like this:

Ches Smith's Congs for Brums at Cameo.  I think this solo percussion project has evolved since I saw it last.  It's phenomenal no matter how he wants to do it.  He didn't have the vibraphone, but he had a sound machine with pre-recorded music to play with.  It was great!

The Oliver Lake Organ Quartet at PA1 was off the hook!  That certainly wasn't too much organ!  Oliver is phenomenal.

I did skip The Claudia Quintet earlier at PA1.  I love them, but I've also seen them a bunch of times.  Like I said, with 4 stages it's a little harder to get to everything.

There was no missing the Bobby Previte Quartet.  They were late coming on, which helped me see Oliver.  Just watching Bobby on the kit is such a treat!  He's amazing.  I love seeing Mike Gamble on guitar.  Darius Jones always brings a lot to a project with his alto sax.  This was my first time seeing Ari Folman-Cohen.  He played upright acoustic bass and this little electric bass.  He's really good.  This quartet is awesome and I need a whole super long set of it.

I missed Eric Freidlander at CS.  I assume it was a solo set and I know that whatever it was, it was excellent.

Josh Roseman's Joshua Three at PA1 was great.  His trombone was the only horn on stage.  He had Curtis Hasselbring, usually a trombone player, on guitar.  He's good.  Peter Apfelbaum was on the keyboard.  Eric Deutch on organ.  The great Joe Russo on drums.  In other words, a great band.

The last band for me was the outstanding UB313 at Cameo.  Marshall Allen rules!

I missed everything after that:  Ari Hoenig Quartet at PA1, Rashanim at CS, Clark Gayton at PA2, Peter Brotzmann's FULL BLAST at PA1, and Aperiodic at Cameo. 

Bravo on the festival!  It was quite spectacular!  I've only seen a handful of the bands before, so most of it was new, new, new!  Great job!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Undead Jazzfest @ Littlefield, CFG, and HSP 6/25

It was nice that the 3 venues were all in the same spot on Degraw.  The Crossfit Gym (CFG) and Homage Skateboard Park (HSP) are on one side of the street and Littlefield is on the other.

CFG is an old school style gym and had a lot of light and was somewhat warm.  The stage was right in front of the boxing ring and most people sat on the mats in front of the stage.  I was always dancing, of course.

HSP was indoors.  I'm not clear how the skateboarding works - do they move the ramps outdoors or do they do some skateboarding indoors?

Jeff Lederer's Sunwatcher at Littlefield was phenomenal.  I only caught the end, but loved it.  I got the CD and I love that as well.  Jeff plays sax, Matt Wilson on drums, Jamie Saft on piano and keys, and Chris Lightcap on drums.  The CD reminds me of Coltrane.  That AAJ article mentions "The reed man chose to reanimate the spirit of Albert Ayler for this session, and along with Ayler's ghost came that of late-John Coltrane spirituality and experimentation."

Then it was time to head over to CFG for Zeena Parkins & the Adorables, which I adored.  The description from this blog about their Canadian debut at Victoriaville:  "ZEENA PARKINS is back with a brand new trio featuring electronician PRESHISH MOMENTS, and percussionist SHAYNA DUNKELMAN. An opportunity to hear this master of the electroacoustic harp breaking new ground."

Min Xiao-Fen's "Dim Sum" is a duo with Satoshi on drums and percussion.  They were the only band to opt to sit on the top of a skateboard ramp at HSP.  It made it even more surreal.

I then did some bouncing back and forth between Sylie Courvoisser (piano)/Mark Feldman (violin) duo at Littlefield and Briggan Krauss' H-Alpha at CFG.  They ended up in roughly the same time slot as the Littlefield stage got backed up and the married duo did not start on time.  H-Alpha consists of Briggan Krauss on alto sax, Jim Black on drums, and Ikue Morie on laptop.  Do I have to tell you how amazing these 2 bands were?  It was so much fun bouncing back and forth.

Then I spent about 1/2 hour going crazy over Matt Wilson's solo drumkit show at HSP.  He is so awesome.  He was actually playing songs, but I wouldn't have known if he didn't tell me.  He did sing familiar Michael Jackson lines for one.  It was fun because the audience started singing along.  He would sometimes whistle those same lines and the audience would whistle.  There was even the part where he would sing it and the audience would whistle it.  We all loved that - it's fun when there's a spontaneous shared creation between the audience and the musician and it's welcomed by all.  Then he did a Monk piece.  So cool.

I had to leave before Matt finished so I could see a few minutes of The Darius Jones Trio.  I have seen them a lot, and it's always good.  I need to find out who else was there.  I think it was Darius on alto sax, Adam Lane on bass, and Jason Nazary on drums.

Elliot Sharp's continuous Monk piece at CFG was awesome.  I heard he did it at The Stone recently.  I would love to see it there.

I enjoyed about 10-15 min of Dean Bowman's avant gospel solo a cappella performance at HSP.  It was odd that he started on time and went longer than his time slot, delaying David S. Ware's set.  I can't get over that his voice lasted so long.  It's a nice, deep, soulful voice at that.

It wasn't a big deal that David S. Ware was delayed as Anthony Coleman's trio with Brad Jones on bass and Satoshi Takeshi was phenomenal.  The delay meant I had more time seeong that at Littlefield.

David S. Ware was worth waiting for.  He didn't bring his tenor.  He played the saxella for about 1/2 hour and then the stricht.  I was wearing out, so I left after about 45 min to get some of Jamie Saft.

At some point I tried Mountains at CFG,  it's 2 electronic guys and very loud.  It wasn't for me, but I'm glad it was part of this festival.  I think I might have liked it more if it wasn't so loud.  It reminded me of STS9.

Jamie Saft's New Zion Trio is phenomenal.  I was so tired, but I had to stay for about 4 or 5 pieces.  In addition to Jamie on piano and organ, the rhythm section included Larry Grenadier on bass and Craig Santiago on drums.

I had to miss Jeremy Udden's Plainville.  Given how Adam raved about the set after the fact, I need to be sure to see them at some point.  Looking at the personnel in his own words on his website, I really need to get to this:  "Featuring myself (saxophones/clarinet), Brandon Seabrook (guitar/banjo), Pete Rende (rhodes/pump organ/moog), Eivind Opsvik (bass), and RJ Miller (drums) with special guests Nathan Blehar (guitar/voice), Justin Keller (voice), Will Graefe (guitar); this album picks up where the last one left off."

Only one night left.

Undead Jazzfest @ The Bell House 6/24/11

I was too tired to go, but it's worth mentioning what I know about it.

It was a night of duo ensembles and I don't think Adam and Brice set up any kind of schedule.  It was the aftershow from the Prospect Park extravaganza that evening.

And, here is what went down, with pictures:

Wish I was there, but rest is definitely part of the formula to see lots of great music often.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Undead Jazzfest @ LPR, S.H, and K.C, 6/23/11

I went to almost every band that I could in the time I was there.  It was so well done.  It was so easy to bounce around the 3 venues.  It was also cool that I knew a lot of the artists but very few of the bands.

I also got a better appreciation of the sound at Sullivan Hall ("S.H.").  It's not a bad place when it's not too crowded.  It was dramatically different sound from Kenny's Castaways ("K.C.").  Although, part of the Kenny's sound for me was because I wanted to dance, so I didn't sit closer.  For the very last band I saw there, I did sit for a few minutes and the sound was better.

I missed Satoko Fujii ma-do at LPR.  I know even the bands I missed are worth mentioning.

I was loving Amir Elsaffar on trumpet w/ Hafez Modirzadeh on sax, Francois Moutin on bass, someone I don't know on piano, and Dan Weiss on bass at S.H.  Here's a link about the project.  It sounded great and each of the 4 blew me away.  It was starting out real good.  I want to find out who the piano was at some point, he was very good.

I left a little early to catch some of Harris Eisenstedt's Canada Day at K.G.  I've been wanting to see that, but had missed the opportunities so far.  I like that it has vibraphones and Nate Wooley on trumpet.

I then went over to LPR to get a good bit of Marc Ribot's solo set.  He did the medley from Albert Ayler's "Ghost" album.  I still can't connect the 2.  He did some other great pieces and then veered into some John Cage pieces.  I left during that part to see some others, but it was only because I get to see so many Ribot solos and there was new stuff to explore.

Yay!  I finally made it to see Ingrid Laubrock on sax.  Kris Davis was awesome on piano.  I always enjoy Tyshawn Sorey on drums.  This trio was playing at S.H.

I saw a little of Davod Fiuczynski's Planet MicroJam.  It was good.  In general David doesn't do it for me although I've enjoyed him occasionally.  I liked the setup.  From that link:  "The MicroJam Ensemble is comprised of Fiuczynski on fretted, fretless, and 1/4-tone guitars; and Berklee students Utar Dundarartun and Sang Park on microtonal keyboards; Alex Bailey on drums; and Eli Marcus on bass. "

Tarbaby at LPR was phenomenal.  It was my first time seeing them and I didn't know what to expect.  I love everything Nasheet Waits is in.  He does straight ahead as well as some intense blow your face off intense jam jazz.  This was the latter and I loved it.  I was basically there for the entire set.  Besides Naheet on drums it included Eric Revis on bass, Orrin Evans on piano, and Oliver Lake on bass.  It was my 2nd favorite band of an amazing night of music.  Here's a review from another blogger who apparantly loved it as much as I did.

After that I still had time to catch the Gerald Clayton (piano)/Chris Dingman (vibraphone) Duo at S.H.  That was good.  Gerald is always great.  For the last song they like to do something in the spirit of the name of the place they are in.  They had 2 ideas for the Undead Jazzfest it was either about Zombies or that there was some point that jazz was dead and now it's not.  They left it to us to choose.  I didn't have a preference, so I stayed silent.  Most of the voters chose Zombies, so that's what we got. Whatever, it started a little mellow and I was ready to move on.

I caught a little of Alan Licht & Brian Chase at K.C..  I liked it - chaotic.  I ran into Bill on the street soon after that and he told me Alan used to book for Tonic.  That caused us to go on about how deeply we miss Tonic for a bit.

Next I got me some John Escreet (keys)/Dave Binney (sax)/Wayne Krantz (guitar)/Marcus Gilmore (drums) "The Age We Live In".  That was definitely good.  There were no floor sitters for that one!

I had to go get some Andrew D'Angelo Big Band w/ Reid Anderson, Ben Monder & a whole lot more.  I was expecting a creative big band.  I still can't believe how kickass it was!  Reid was on electric bass.  The whole thing was electric - the energy was off the hook.  This was definitely the best band of the night.  I can't even express how awesome it was.

Ceramic Dog was phenomenal.  I believe I already gave 2nd best to Tarbaby.  I should give Ceramic Dog tie for 1st.  This has become one hell of a rock band!  I love them!

I was wearing out and had to be alert at work the next day.  The last bands at LPR and S.H. were running late.  I really wanted to see a little of David King Trucking Company.  I went over to S.H. but discovered it was way too loud and I couldn't stay.  I will just hope to get another chance another time.  Here's the personnel from wikipedia:
In March 2010 King formed two new ensembles to debut at a 2 night concert celebration of his work held at the renowned Walker Art Center called The Dave King Trucking Company (with Chris Speed and Brandon Wozniak on tenor saxes, Erik Fratzke on guitar and Adam Linz on bass)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Upcoming: Undead jazzfest Tonight and Tomorrow - Spectacular!

It's not too late to attend the last 2 nights of this truly awesome jazz festival.  It's all these new bands with phenomenal musicians.  Tonight is in the Gowanas area of Brooklyn and tomorrow night in Williamsburg.  Both nights are in multiple venues very close to each other.  It is possible to see each band each night and it's a lot less walking than most multi-stage outdoor festivals. 

Check out the trailer:
‎1 second of music from every musician playing in the festival, recorded privately, taken from a song, or left on an answering machine. Buy your tickets now f...

Here's the schedule for the next 2 nights:

June 25th, 2011
08:00 PM - Jeff Lederer's Sunwatcher
09:10 PM - Sylvie Courvoisier and Mark Feldman
10:20 PM - Darius Jones Trio
11:30 PM - Anthony Coleman Trio with Brad Jones, and Satoshi Takeshi
12:40 AM - Jamie Saft New Zion Trio
Cross Fit Gym
08:20 PM - Zeena Parkins and The Adorables
09:30 PM - Briggan Krauss H Alpha with Jim Black, and Ikue Mori
10:40 PM - Elliott Sharp plays Thelonious Monk
11:50 PM - Mountains
08:40 PM - Min Xiao-Fen's "Dim Sum" w/ Satoshi Takeishi
09:50 PM - Matt Wilson solo
11:00 PM - Dean Bowman solo
12:10 AM - David S. Ware solo
01:20 AM - Jeremy Udden's Plainville
June 26th, 2011
Public Assembly Stage 1
08:00 PM - Bizingas
09:00 PM - The Claudia Quintet
10:00 PM - Oliver Lake Organ Quartet
11:00 PM - Ari Hoenig Quartet
12:00 AM - Peter Brotzmann's FULL BLAST
Public Assembly Stage 2
08:30 PM - Gene Lake
09:30 PM - Bobby Previte Quartet
10:30 PM - Joshua Roseman's Joshua Three
11:30 PM - Clark Gayton
Cubana Social
08:15 PM - Marika Hughes
09:15 PM - Graffito
10:15 PM - Erik Friedlander
11:15 PM - Rashanim
08:45 PM - Jon Iragabon / Mike Pride
09:45 PM - Ches Smith's Congs for Brums
10:45 PM - UB313 w/ Marshall Allen (Sun Ra Arkestra)
11:45 PM - Aperiodic

Gary Lucas @ Local 269 6/19/11

This was awesome!  It reminded me of a lot of my favorite Dee Pop projects.  Dave Sewelson on baritone sax, Dee Pop on drums, Don Fiorino on bass, and Gary Lucas on guitar.

I never saw Gary before.  It was great.  I need to check him out some more.  There was someone in the audience who knew all of the Beefheart songs, so they played a couple.  It was good stuff and I found this on wikipedia;
Lucas co-leads a jazz-oriented, all-instrumental Beefheart tribute ensemble, Fast 'n' Bulbous: the Captain Beefheart Project, who have made appearances at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival and the Jazz Em Agosto Festival in Lisbon during 2006. Their debut album Pork Chop Blue Around the Rind was profiled on NPR and charted on college radio in the US. In Fall, 2006, they toured Europe extensively, selling out shows at the London Jazz Festival, in Amsterdam's BimHuis, as well as playing in Bern, Vienna, Schwaz and Ljubljana Slovenia. The group has recently released its second album, Waxed Oop, on Cuneiform Records.

I couldn't stay for the whole set, it being Sun night and all.  I enjoyed what I got, though.

Dee Pop's Medicine Show
Sunday June 19th Fathers Day • 7pm till 11pm
New Explorations into blues of the inner mind:
The agony and the ecstasy!
Gary Lucas - guitar,
Bobby Radcliff - guitar
Dave Sewelson - baritone sax & bass guitar,
Don Fiorino - guitar, banjo & bass guitar,
Dee Pop - drums
and perhaps some other strange folks
(3 sets with different configurations)
$5 cover for entire show
Local 269 • 269 East Houston @ Suffolk Street • LES NYC

Bobby Radcliff @ Local 269 6/19/11

Dee Pop curated an evening of 3 bands in which he played in all of them.  I'm not sure what the 1st was - I didn't make it in time for that.  This Blues band was up 2nd and already on when I got there a little after 8:30.

It was great!  Bobby Radcliff on guitar, Dave Sewelson on bass, and Dee Pop on drums.  It was good regular Blues and I enjoyed it a lot.  Dave was playing bass but he had a sax strap on and a baritone in front of him.  I yearned to hear it!  Also, Bobby threw out a teaser by saying to his band mates that they hadn't played "The Horse" yet, but it was too funky for a Blues set.  Well, that hooked me and now I found myself yearning for the baritone sax AND the funk while enjoying the music they actually were playing.

They did eventually play "The Horse".  While the sax wasn't played this set, I was thrilled to hear Dave was in the next band along with the fact he was packing up his bass.

I also immensely enjoyed seeing people get "caught" outside by the music and stand at the window enjoying for a few minutes.

It's nice to get to a Blues show.

Dee Pop's Medicine Show
Sunday June 19th Fathers Day • 7pm till 11pm
New Explorations into blues of the inner mind:
The agony and the ecstasy!
Gary Lucas - guitar,
Bobby Radcliff - guitar
Dave Sewelson - baritone sax & bass guitar,
Don Fiorino - guitar, banjo & bass guitar,
Dee Pop - drums
and perhaps some other strange folks
(3 sets with different configurations)
$5 cover for entire show
Local 269 • 269 East Houston @ Suffolk Street • LES NYC

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bonebridge @ Joe's Pub 6/16/11

Eric Friedlander's new project includes Doug Wamble on slide guitar, Trevor Dunn on bass, and Michael Sarin on drums.  I figured Eric and Doug were collaborating when I saw Eric at Doug's last Jazz Standard show.  I was very excited when I saw that.

They gave me complete validation of that excitement.  This was fabulous.  Eric wanted to do something with the slide and cello.  He suspects they are the 2 instruments closest to the human voice.  I'm glad he chose to not have any actual human voice.  Although a little Doug Wamble vocals certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.

It was soulful, stellar, and spectacular.  The CD is awesome.  I hope this band plays around for a while.

Oh and as an aside, Eric told us to look around because Joe's Pub is about to undergo a big renovation.  I'm going to have faith it they will have a similar feel because so much of us like it that way.  Who knows, though.

NY Times Review
AAJ CD Review

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marc Ribot/Nels Cline @ LPR 6/15/11

Of course this was one of the best shows ever.  These 2 were meant to play together.  They were so great at sinking in and complementing each other.  it was completely captivating.

My favorite was when Nels was on the lap steel.  He and Ribot went a lot of different places in that portion.  There was so much to it and it's already faded.  You really had to be there.

Here's a review:

Mokaad @ Drom 6/3/11

I got there during this set, but still got about 40 minutes or so.  I enjoyed it.  They are fun and p-funky and it was good.  Here's their website.

I had planned to stay all night but the next band wasn't my thing and I made the mistake of going home to rest for a bit since I live close.  I didn't make it back out, so I missed the rest.  I'm sure it was awesome.

Here's the full lineup, that I mainly missed:
7:30pm DJ Afro-Marc
8:00pm Mokaad
9:00pm Nyle vs. Naysayers
10:00pm Ben Perowsky's Moodswing Orch.
11:00pm MAGO (John Medeski / Billy Martin)
12:30pm EMEFE
2am DJ Afro-Marc
Note: All times subject to change

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Elysian Fields @ LPR 6/14/11

I wish I could tell you who was onstage aside from the core band members, Jennifer Charles and Oren Bloedow.  I just knew a couple more of the special guests.

Doug Weiselman was on-stage for some of the pieces with his sax, bass and alto clarinets.  Whenever he was up there, so was a female alto clarinet.

Danny Blume was on bass sometimes.  At other times, the bassist looked familiar, but I couldn't place him.  He doubled as a french horn (or was it a horn or English horn?) When Danny was on bass.

A trombone came out every now and then.  There were 2 strings on stage a lot - I think a violin and a viola.  Piano, keyboards, laptop, another guitar sometimes, drums.  Another female vocalist for one.  I think that was basically it,

It was good.  I have a lot going on at work so I left a few minutes early.  I must say Jennifer is a great singer and very captivating.  I was highly impressed.with Oren's soulful voice in the one song he did.

It's a great band, whatever they choose to do.  I like the concept of playing with different people all the time.  Especially when they are always great.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

George Porter & the Runnin Pardners @ LPR 6/2/11

I've seen many iterations of this band over the years.  It's my understanding that the original Runnin Pardners were the original members of Papa Grows Funk.  Then, sometime before Jazzfest 02, George fired them because he felt they were spending too much time on PGF and not enough on his band.  The other guys were bummed about it at the time, although I think it's a non-issue today and probably soon after.  It was fascinating to me as I was just starting to travel to NOLA and I was amazed at how close knit the community is down there.  It really is a huge family.

I did see George's brand new version that year.  I was thrilled to see any music in NOLA, so I was happy.  It was downstairs at the Rock and Bowl and the manager was going through a seamless set transition phase.  Rebirth played and when they were done they were supposed to call George up and keep playing something while George's band took the stage and started playing.  The only thing was, George didn't hear the call and so Rebirth had to keep playing "She's a Bad Mamma Jamma" until they got George and had the seamless transition.  It was awkward, but a lot of fun for me.

I liked the saxophone player George had, he was a little different.  Still, the band was a quartet and a little disappointing.  I asked someone where the guitar player was and was told "he couldn't get a guitar".  Huh.  That's actually happening on Treme right now - a little over a year later post Katrina and Antoine doesn't have many options for guitar players.  If you think about it, it's another thing that sets NOLA apart.  They have an obscene amount of horns, and an abundance of drummers and organs.  They certainly have some phenomenal guitar players - Renard Poche, Jun Yamaguchi, Steve Masakowski, Anders Osborne.  Then there's Twangorama.  Yet, compared to the plenitude of musicians in that town, guitar isn't as prominent as in other places.  Interesting.

There was definitely a weird vibe around George Porter Jr. & the Runnin Pardners that year.  The next time I saw them was maybe 5 years later, the only time I went to Southport Hall.  That was completely different people and a bunch of bands.  It was OK.  I really didn't like the venue - too big, too much light, too warehousey.  There were a lot of horns in George's band then and no one I recognized.

I don't remember seeing them again until now.  Given my history with them, I wasn't expecting much.  It was a whole other quintet with good musicians.  They started off with a drum solo, which is always a plus for me.  He had me dancing right away.  The guitar was good and funky.  The sax was phenomenal.  George said they were lucky to have him for this one time.  They were indeed!  The 2 keyboards were good.  I remember thinking "George Matters!" a lot as they played.  I also remember it kept popping up on my there "George is the funkiest one on town".  I was very happy when they did "Funkify Your Life".  After that, they were playing for 1/2 hour and things were feeling more Meters-ish than previously.  Before, I felt that George was freshening up the Meters tunes and this wasn't another Meters cover band.  I took it as an opportunity to get out of there and get some sleep.

From the listing:
Today after a great run with Porter Batiste Stoltz, Porter is back at home with a smaller Runnin’ Pardners Band five down from seven pieces, todays income wont take care of the lager band. Runnin’ Pardners today will be Brint Anderson/guitar, Michael Lemmler/ keyboards, Khristopher (Khris) Royal/sax & keys and new kid on the block Terrance Houston/Drummer. This line-up is and will keep up with what Porter has always brought too the table nothing but funk and fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Orgone @ LPR 6/2/11

I thought I missed them, but apparently Breakdown Brass opened and Orgone came on at about 9.  They were fun.  The guitar is especially good.  I also enjoyed the others at times.  It's all grooving and tight.  There was a singer for some songs but also a lot of instrumentals.  The one thing that seemed lacking was there wasn't much room for improv.  It felt a slight bit generic.  Not as generic as New Mastersounds - the songs were longer and there was some room, just something slight was lacking.  It was still an enjoyable 1.5 hour set of get-down music. Summer Kick-Off Party
George Porter Jr. & Runnin' Pardners
w/ Orgone
Thu., June 02, 2011 / 6:30 PM
Minimum Age: 18+
Doors Open: 6:30 PM
Show Time: 7:00 PM
This is a general admission, standing event.

Los Angeles based band Orgone is many souls with a cosmic connection, a natural creative force and musicians who have played together for years. They are self schooled and continue to shape their musical voice as a solid unit of guys who hang, spin records and jam out their shared inspirations. With a rooted sense of funk, soul, afrobeat, deep rhythms and an intimate understanding of dj culture as well as each others' individual talents, Orgone seamlessly slides through multiple styles and dynamic performances. The group continuously injects whatever they play with a heavy brand of raw funk power.

At the core of the band is a rhythm section comprised of close friends who have played together for more than 10 years. Having grown artistically as a unit they function as one organic and intuitive whole. The orginal 5-member band started out by putting their own gritty takes on tunes by the likes of the JBs, the Meters, Booker T. and the MGs, Grant Green and Funkadelic among many others. They quickly gained underground respect and die hard fans. With their searing live sets and original instrumentals, Orgone soon released their debut self titled CD, "Orgone," in 2002. The result was a collection of all original down home, transcendental, tough and gritty funk instrumentals.

The band fast grew to include a powerful three-piece horn section and a fiery soul singer who all shared the same spirit and deep reverence for the music that inspired them. Singer, Fanny Franklin, joined the groups’ recordings after they were floored seeing her perform with Dakah, the 30-piece hip hop orchestra, and asked her to record with them. Their first recording together, Orgone's cover of “Funky Nassau”, became a ubiquitous DJ fave worldwide- first appearing on 7"(Nuff Rope) and then getting a 12" club re-edit by renowned dj Danny Krivit (Nuff Rope). It then appeared on Ubiquity's Rewind Volume 4 comp, which began the band's relationship with the prestigious label.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Upcoming: Rob Duguy @ Jazz Standard 7/26

If you've been to Jazz Standard with any type of frequency, you probably know Rob.  He's the host that remembers your name, knows you are coming before you arrive and knows where you like to sit.  He treats you nicely and makes sure you are welcomed back.

Did you know he is a bass player?  He recently got a gig at Jazz Standard and it would be great if you can make it and show some support.  I'm sure you will enjoy the music as well. 

Event Information

Rob Duguay’s SONGEVITY
Noah Preminger (tenor saxophone)
Abraham Burton (tenor saxophone)
Justin Kauflin (piano)
Rob Duguay (bass & composition)
Nadav Snir-Zelniker (drums)
Yvonne Simone (Special guest vocalist)

Rob Duguay is a promising young bass player well-versed in many styles of music. Duguay will be fresh from a recent run that includes concerts in Montreal, a special appearance at the Burlington, VT Discover Jazz Festival, and a sold out performance at Kitano NY. A budding musician on the New York City jazz scene, Rob has also performed in such places as Montreal, Quebec; New Orleans; Washington D.C.; Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia; Paris, France; Cape Town, South Africa; and Montreux, Switzerland and more. A concert by SONGEVITY will include original compositions by Duguay and tributes to great composers embracing many styles of music.

Jazz Standard
116 27th Street and Park Avenue
NY, NY 10016

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011
Sets begin at 7:30 & 9:30pm (doors 6:30pm)

20$ cover charge
RSVP 212 447 7733 (recommended)
Or thru

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Music For Words, Perhaps @ The Stone 5/26/11

I was still tired from the other night, but I could at least stop at The Stone on my way home for an hour of music.  I couldn't remember what was scheduled, but I knew I was more interested in the 2nd set than the 1st.  Still, I knew I wouldn't make it to the 2nd set.  I walk in and pay my $10 and get handed a program.  I then see what I was trying to remember - a duo with 1/2 of the members being a vocalist.  Oh well, I'm here, I paid, and Theo Bleckmann might be a vocalist I like.  I was also intrigued by hyperpiano and I like what I've seen from Innova Records so far.

It was a winner!  The vocals worked.  It was music set to W.B. Yeats poetry as sung by Theo.  "Hyperpiano" means playing the piano in the traditional way in addition to playing it while using creative techniques with the strings.  I am very impressed with Denman's techniques.  I?e seen hyperpiano now in many variations and his techniques were quite different and innovative.

He simply played the piano in the traditional way for some pieces. He had a heavy steel cylinder he sometimes put on the strings that made very interesting sounds when he rolled it around.  He also left it on the strings to play the keys at some points.  He had a copper rectangular block, about an inch  deep, and a little longer than a cassette and a little wider than a deck of cards. It had a couple of holes that made the sound even more interesting.  There was one point where he had this copper block on the strings and he was playing the keys and it sounded like a drum role.  Another time he had the copper thing in a different spot on the strings and played different keys and completely different sounds emerged.  When he added the copper bell to the strings, wide hollow side down, it was some awesome sounds.

There were also times where he used the rectangular copper thing to slide on the strings, similar to slide guitar.  I loved that most of all.

It was fantastic!

Denman Maroney and Theo Bleckman Theo Bleckmann (voice) Denman Maroney (hyperpiano) Theo and Denman will perform Denman’s song cycle of poems by W.B. Yeats called “Music for Words, Perhaps” and recently released on eponymous Innova CD 717. The cycle includes settings of “The Song of the Happy Shepherd,” “The Second Coming,” “The Crazed Moon,” “The Song of Wandering Aengus,” “A Drinking Song,” “A Drunken Man’s Praise of Sobriety,” “The Cap and Bells,” “Three Songs to the One Burden,” “The Two Trees,” and “The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner.”

Renard Poche

I saw this from NolaFunk NYC, sharing a post from NPR.  I think he is awesome, very Jimi Hendrix-ish.  I saw him for the first time at Jazzfest years ago, I should say I noticed him then because I had definitely seen him with Dr. John and possibly other times before then.  this Jazzfest show was his own band, and then that night with Skerik and a bunch of other people at Howlin Wolf.  When announced someone asked who saw Renard's smokin hot set at the fest that day and I was the only one to "whoo".  It WAS at 11:30am after all.  Renard looked at me and said "now that's love".  Too bad for the rest of the people who missed out!

Here's the link to the NPR post.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wicked Knee @ Japan Benefit, Brooklyn Bowl 5/24/11

I get to see them every 2 weeks for a bit.  Lucky me!  I liked this set even more than 2 weeks prior.  It was the venue and my state.  Also, I was staying up late for it.  While the crowd thinned out, there was still about 40/50+ people there.  Each and every one was loving the music and really into it.  Marcus was even more brilliant and it was awesome.

They had a singer up for a couple.  They did one song and then an amazing "Manic Depression".  Amazing.  Medeski joined them for the last piece.
Wicked Knee
Billy Martin DRUMS
Steven Bernstein TRUMPET
Curtis Fowlkes TROMBONE
Marcus Rojas TUBA

True People`s CEREMONY for TOHOKU Disaster

a benefit for relief efforts in Japan, proceeds will go to Think the Earth Project, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Club d'Elf featuring Hassan Hakmoun and Brahim Fribgane, Wicked Knee, Marco Benevento, Marshall Allen

Sun Ra Arkestra @ Japan Benefit, Brooklyn Bowl 5/24/11

I did not expect to be completely blown away in each moment of this!!!  The set started at around 11:45 and the amazing Marshall Allan turned 87 at midnight.  I still can't believe it.  He plays like a very accomplished and vibrant 45 year old that was already a master of his craft at age 7.  Really!  That's a metaphor, I don't know the actual history of his progression as a reed player, but he was incredible.

The drums were killer!  I couldn't get enough of them.  The baritone and alto were fantastic. I loved the trumpet.  The flute was awesome.

It's a great venue for them.  They kicked butt!  I thought about going to Sullivan Hall for the early birthday show the next night, but how could it be as phenomenal as this?  I think they should start playing LPR instead.

This was hands down the highlight of a stellar evening of music.

I got the arkestra members from the website, but I don't think all of them were there, although there was a good amount of them.
Under the direction of Marshall Allen
MARSHALL ALLEN  alto saxophone - flute - EVI - joined Arkestra in 1958
CHARLES DAVIS  baritone saxophone - joined Arkestra in 1955
ART JENKINS  vocals - percussion - joined Arkestra in 1960
MICHAEL RAY  trumpet - vocals - joined Arkestra in 1978
JOHN ORE  bass - joined Arkestra in 1961
FRED ADAMS  trumpet - joined Arkestra in 1982
KNOEL SCOTT  alto saxophone - joined Arkestra in 1979
VINCENT CHANCEY  french horn - joined Arkestra in 1976
DANNY THOMPSON  flute, baritone sax, alto sax, bassoon- joined Arkestra in 1967
REY SCOTT  baritone saxophone - joined Arkestra in 1988
DAVE DAVIS  trombone - joined Arkestra in 1997
LUQUMAN ALI  drums - joined Arkestra in 1964
ELSON NASCIMENTO  percussion - joined Arkestra in 1988
D. HOTEP  guitar - joined Arkestra in 2000
YAHYA ABDUL-MAJID  tenor saxophone - joined Arkestra in 1980
BILL DAVIS  bass - joined Arkestra in 1962
JUINI BOOTH  bass - joined Arkestra in 1967

True People`s CEREMONY for TOHOKU Disaster

a benefit for relief efforts in Japan, proceeds will go to Think the Earth Project, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Club d'Elf featuring Hassan Hakmoun and Brahim Fribgane, Wicked Knee, Marco Benevento, Marshall Allen

Marco Benevento Trio @ Japan Benefit, Brooklyn Bowl 5/24/11

In spite of Dave Dreiwitz I wasn't looking forward to another Marco Trio show.  Still, I was there and what else was I gonna do?  Well, let me tell you, same songs as always, I think he pulled out his greatest hits for the 50 minute set, and I was completely blown away.  It was fantastic.  I had a silent groan in my head for "The Real Morning Party".  Yet, soon enough, I was ecstatic!  It was absolutely wonderful!  Different drummer, different venue, different night - whatever - it was completely different.  Each of these very familiar songs were completely fresh and new.

Wow!  3 stellar shows out of 3.  It can't possibly get better than this, can it?

True People`s CEREMONY for TOHOKU Disaster

a benefit for relief efforts in Japan, proceeds will go to Think the Earth Project, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Club d'Elf featuring Hassan Hakmoun and Brahim Fribgane, Wicked Knee, Marco Benevento, Marshall Allen

Club d'Elf @ Japan Benefit, Brooklyn Bowl 5/24/11

This was very similar to the CD release show at LPR.  I liked it this night even more - no tables so I could be closer and it felt better.  We had Steven Bernstein and John Medeski up there the entire time.  Micro played sintir, electric bass, electric thumb piano that sounds like a bass, and I think that's it.  Hassan Hakmoun came up toward the end.  He did a duo piece with Brahim and then he did a duo with Chikako Iwahori, the tap dancer.  I loved that even more this time around.

Everyone was so excellent.  I'm really liking Steven on trumpet.  Yes, he's awesome on slide trumpet as well.  Post jazzfest this year I'm loving him on trumpet even more.

Dean Johnston on drums was awesome.  I think he's from Boston and I never see him, so I wasn't familiar.  I want to make sure it's understood he was worthy of being up there.

Man, and it's only the 2nd band!

John Medeski (keyboards & melodica), Brahim Fribgane (oud, vocal, percussion), Mike Rivard (bass, sintir & bass kalimba) & Dean Johnston (drums) w/ guests w/ Hassan Hakmoun (sintir, vocals), Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet, trumpet)

True People`s CEREMONY for TOHOKU Disaster

a benefit for relief efforts in Japan, proceeds will go to Think the Earth Project, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Club d'Elf featuring Hassan Hakmoun and Brahim Fribgane, Wicked Knee, Marco Benevento, Marshall Allen

Mago @ Japan Benefit, Brooklyn Bowl 5/24/11

Finally!  I keep missing opportunities to see them, which are few and far between.  It's Medeski Martin duo an it is fantastic.  They are both so incredible!  It appeared to be all improvised, which makes sense since it's their forte.  I thinking they would have played a continuous piece, but the crowd cheered at some point, signaling a pause to end a piece before starting the 2nd.  For the 3rd and final piece, they invited Mike Rivard to join them on electric bass.  It was an incredible set about 40/45 min long.
Billy Martin and John Medeski
Genre: Experimental / Hip Hop / Jazz
Location NYC, New York, US
Record Label Amulet Records
Type of Label Indie

True People`s CEREMONY for TOHOKU Disaster

a benefit for relief efforts in Japan, proceeds will go to Think the Earth Project, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Steven Bernstein, Club d'Elf featuring Hassan Hakmoun and Brahim Fribgane, Wicked Knee, Marco Benevento, Marshall Allen