Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bad Plus @ The Village Vanguard 9/28/08

It was the same set, but it wasn't. They did play the same songs, but they were longer. There was a little more commentary about the songs as well. I'm comparing it to the earlier set I saw last Wed.

I couldn't get an up front seat, which was fine as my 2nd choice is to dance in the back. It was even more awesome than the other night. The last set of a run is a very good time to go, especially when they are enjoying it as much as they did.

This time when the did the arrangement that was based on Heart of Gold, David King broke out some toys, I couldn't tell what they were, but they kind of looked like 2 aliens or something and it looked sort of like he was playing with them. He still did the similar drumming, but with the alien things. That arrangement was by someone else, Milton something, and it had a different title. It was the only song that wasn't composed by one of the 3 band members. The line they sing acapella is "I've been searching for a heart of gold. I've been searching and I'm growing old". I thought it was interesting that I forgot the growing old part in my post the other day.

Loraine, the owner even stayed til the end. They played til 12:20. They left the stage, the lights came on, the audience went crazy. I'm getting ready to go and they come back up on the stage for an encore! I assume that was the only time they did an encore that run. They did that arrangement based on the Burt Baccarach song. I'm sorry I'm too tired to look up name spellings. I could have found that bassist at Jazz Standard, but I'm feeling lazy.

Anyway, it was awesome and I loved that Loraine stayed til the end. I'm so impressed that she thought to book them in the first place.

Dave Douglas, Randy Brecker & Josh Evans @ Jazz Standard

Another 3 trumpets. 3 trumpets + Uri Caine + badass drummer and great bassist. I've looked at the FONT schedule a number of times in many different ways: on-line, the program, the postcard, etc. All more than once. But, nothing stuck and stayed in my head. I'm glad I made it to a couple. It's in it's 6th year and I love it.

These 3 trumpets were phenomenal. What is even more amazing is that for most of the set, they were more like background to the excellent trio. Uri was stellar. I was glad to see how much they had just the trio playing during the songs. But, again, these 3 trumpets were awesome.

I feel like I've seen Randy Brecker in a fancier setting. Maybe "Hall jazz" or at Dizzy's or something. I don't think I've ever seen Josh Evans, but I'm not sure.

I haven't seen Clarence Penn in a while that I recall. He was awesome. He had a great drum solo toward the end.

James Genus is listed at the bass player, but it was someone else. A New Zealand guy I've seen before that was great and I can't remember his name. Penman maybe.

This set cinched it, I had to get back to The Vanguard for the last set of The Bad Plus. I wanted to see what it was like to hear Ethan Iverson after Uri Caine.

Dave Douglas, Randy Brecker & Josh Evans
Dave Douglas – trumpet
Randy Brecker – trumpet
Josh Evans – trumpet
Uri Caine – piano, Fender Rhodes
James Genus – bass
Clarence Penn – drums

PBS w/ Paige McConnel @ BB King's 9/26/08

That was fun. I expected it to be great because I saw their set at jazzfest. It actually started out a little off. It was good at first, but not great, especially since I know what they are capable of. It got better and better as it went on and by the 2nd set it was excellent. I must admit I've still seen better out of PBS, but if I never saw them before, this was a great show.

I definitely didn't realize how tired I was. I was ready to go to either The Bad Plus or Grayson Capps at Banjo Jim's. I decided on Banjo Jim's, but I was a little early and decided to stop at home. Then I realized I was out of steam and more tired than I thought, so I didn't go back out.

I wasn't thrilled with most of the singing at PBS. There were some songs it was fine and the best singing all night was this one throaty number with Russell doing the vocals that was pretty good. Russell was also pretty much in check, with just a few annoying outbursts. That really does influence my enjoyability.

BBs got pretty crowded, but it wasn't unbearable. When it gets that crowded I tend to like the right side of the stage more.

It was also nice to see everybody. Almost every single person said they haven't seen me in a while. Since I've been out at plenty of music, I guess it means my tastes have been changing. I have been moving more and more to the jazz side of things. I also can't take too much funk anymore. Again Dumpstaphunk was around close to when PBS was playing and I knew I couldn't do both in a week. I also know PBS is a much better bet that it will be great.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ingrid Jensen, Tim Hagans, Eric Vloeimans @ Jazz Standard 9/25/08

I ended up having to work late last night, which isn't too common anymore. I had planned to get to Roulette, but I had to go home and take care of my cat and couldn't make it to that 8:30 show. That just meant I could go to the 9:30 FONT show at Jazz Standard.

It was awesome. I didn't know any of them except for Gary Versace, who I especially loved on the piano and the accordion. I had heard of Ingrid Jensen, but didn't know anything about her before this listing came up. She was awesome. Everyone was awesome.

3 trumpets is a neat lineup. They were all great. One guy came from Amsterdam just for this gig. They did have 2 trumpets leave for a couple of numbers, but they were all up there for most of it. There was a great song that started out with the Amsterdam guy and Gary on accordion doing a neat call and response.

The drums and bass were phenomenal.

I'm so glad it worked out and I was able to catch it. It was also my only FONT show this year.

September 25: Ingrid Jensen with Tim Hagans and Eric Vloeimans (trumpets), Gary Versace (piano and Rhodes), Matt Clohesy (bass), Jon Wikan (drums)
Ingrid Jensen, Tim Hagans, Eric Vloeimans

The Bad Plus @ The Village Vanguard 9/24/08

I'm in the West Village, it's a little after 10, The Bad Plus are playing at The Vanguard, it's a Wed night, and it's highly likely I'll get into the 11pm set without a reservation. In other words, all things were aligned to get me to this run that I was having trouble fitting it.

I better never think about skipping a Bad Plus run again. My appreciation went to a whole other level. I mean, whoa.

I was able to get my favorite seat right up front and center. There are 2 little tables up front, and I had the seat on the far right, right next to the drums and a perfect vantage point to see everything. Every single thing!

I'm getting blown away again just thinking about how great this set was. I mean, I keep thinking about how I can back there before it's over.

Sitting next to the drums is an amazing, mind-blowing experience like no other. While I was crazy about every note each of them hit, I was going ga ga over the drums. OK, I was ga ga over everything, but the drums were grabbing a little more of my attention.

My absolute favorite was an arrangement based on Neal Young's Heart of Gold. I'm getting chills thinking about it. It started with just drums, being very avant-gardish. Running the stick across the cymbal and the whole bit. Slowly bring in the keys and then I can tell where the melody came from. Ease in the bass. There was a point in the middle where they stopped playing and sang together "Keep Me Searching For A Heart Of Gold" several times, acappella, in this amazing way that is reminiscent of Neal. I can't really do justice to the description. I was singing it on my way to work the next morning, getting goosebumps all over again.

I've got to get back there this weekend. I can't believe how much I love this trio, and that night just made this love even deeper.

The 25th Century + Humankind @ Sullivan Hall 9/24/08

I went to Sullivan Hall to check out my friend David's new band. I always wanted to go there on a multiple band night with band I never heard of. Of course, given the obscene amounts of tried and true already known fantastic live music going on in this city, it was hard to make that happen. Any other city, and I'd probably have done it several times by now.

I must say Sullivan Hall seems like a very good place for the multiple not yet know bands. If you're dying for some inexpensive music and to find some new bands, it's probably worth it.

I enjoyed it. It was The 25th Century's first gig ever. Given that, it was pretty impressive.

I brought a friend who doesn't get out as much as she used to, but really likes metal. The next band, which I think was Humankind had that look. I enjoyed them. I thought they were closer to hard rock than hard-core metal, and I thought they were very cohesive.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Upcoming: Search & Restore: Malaby/Krantz

Speaking of Malaby and Waits, this looks awesome! And, Wayne Krantz in the same night! Too bad I’ll be away or I’d be there.

Search & Restore is back and better than ever. Aside from the great fall season of shows coming up at the Knitting Factory and the new 92Y Tribeca space, we are about to launch , a website featuring jazz show picks for each night, a general listing of every jazz / improvised / experimental music show happening in New York City, artist features, full album streams, and venue profiles for every space in the five boroughs to see live music, organized by affordability, student discount, capacity, regular artists who perform there, location, and more. The website will be for all people who want to see live jazz in New York but don't quite know where to start.

and now, our premiere show of the fall season:

Goose Island 312 Presents....
Search & Restore: Jazz at the Knit
Tuesday, September 30th

Blast Off!! + Krantz
(Adam Schatz- saxophone, casios, ham radio microphone, Sam Levin- drums, Wayne Krantz- guitar, power harnessing)

Tony Malaby's Paloma Recio
(Tony Malaby- saxophones, Ben Monder- guitar, Eivind Opsvik- bass, Nasheet Waits- drums)

Starting at 8:15 so show up by 8 to get a good seat / dancing position. All ages, no drink minimum, no rules, except your standard laws.

$12 advance tickets, $13 at the door, $10 for students

All Ages at the Knitting Factory
74 Leonard St., Tribeca, Manhattan

Discounted Goose Island 312 Beer for the night, a really awesome wheat beer from Chicago.

Tamarindo @ The Living Theatre 9/21/08

Wow!!! I mean, Tony, Nasheet, William. Any of them is enough to get me out, regardless of who they are playing with. This was even better than I imagined. I was blown away for the 45-50 minutes. Malaby especially had me in a spell, I was noticing him a lot. We also got a cool poem by Steve Dalachinsky with lots of John Coltrane references.

I'm still thinking about this set, so long ago.

9:30 - Tony Malaby's Tamarindo with William Parker and Nasheet Waits
Tony Malaby - tenor and soprano saxophones, William Parker - double bass, Nasheet Waits - drums

Weasel Walter/Peter Evans + cymerman/pavone et al @ The Delancy 9/21/08

I didn't know anything about Weasel Walter. DMG had it listed in the gig section at the end of their newsletter and Brooklyn Vegan had a clip of his gig at Zebulon. When I got to The Delancy, I was told there would be several people playing all night, til 12:30. I didn't realize that, even though I had see the listing.

It was great, just Weasel Walter and a trumpet. They said they've. Been playing with Mary Halverson for a few gigs lately. It was short, but great.

Then there was a setbreak and then Jeremiah Cymerman, Jessica Pavone, drums and someone else I can't remember right now. That was great and relatively short.

I felt I got my 7 worth and could move on.

mon sept. 22 - the delancy, new york, ny - $7 - doors tba
168 delancy (between clinton and attorney), new york, ny
last set: weasel walter (drums), marc edwards (drums), tom blancarte
(bass), peter evans (trumpet), paul flaherty (saxophones), darius
jones (alto saxophone)
first set: peter evans (trumpet), weasel walter (drums)
jeff gretz, jeremiah cymerman jessica pavone and andy kozar trio
appear second of three.

Dual Identity @ The Living Theatre 9/20/08

I knew this would be good. This festival has a great lineup period. It is also nice to see the chairs were closer to the performance area. There were no bleachers and the set so far for the next regular performance at the Living Theatre provides a nice atmosphere. They said its some kind of Poe theoretical narrative, or something like that.

Rudresh Mahanthappa and Liberty Ellman were what pulled me in to see the show, but they were all awesome. I have to admit all I can remember about the music at this point is that I loved it. I'll let the lineup speak for itself.

'Clean Feed Fest NY III'
at the Living Theatre, 21 Clinton St, Manhattan
September 20th [Sat]
10:30 - Dual Identity -
Steve Lehman - alto saxophone, Rudresh Mahanthappa - alto saxophone, Liberty Ellman - guitar, Matt Brewer - double bass, Damion Reid - drums

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue @ Fillmore 9/20/08

Believe it or not, I hadn't seen his band Orleans Avenue yet. Its been a little while since I saw the Dirty Dozen, but I bailed for the 2nd set of the Clean Feed before that.

It was OK. I was into it for a bit and then got bored. I'm sure I would like them another time. I should try a jazzfest late night show.

I started leaving, but I was almost to the double doors when they started a Marvin Gaye song. I turned around and went right back up the stairs. But, I felt lacking and found it wasn't going to keep me there. Time to head further downtown.

Oh, and it's interesting that he's back to calling himself "Trombone Shorty". That "Troy Andrews" phase came and went. He was having trouble getting it to stick, anyway.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mocean Worker @ Blue Note 9/19/08

Finally! I have been trying to get to him for a while, but it hasn't worked out. I haven't been trying that hard, or it would have happened by now.

I didn't know what to expect. I knew Mocean Worker is a guy and that he often has people play with him. I couldn't find out anything about who he would be playing with and I was a little apprehensive that it was going to be very DJ/electronic-ish.

I was so glad when I walked in and saw some familiar faces on the stage including Olivia Pupu-Walker, Cochemea, and Zack Danzinger. There was also keyboards, an alto sax and a flugelhorn. Mocean was on bass and would sometimes have some sampled recording on in the background.

It was great, grooving, get-down music. I certainly got down in my spot way over by the soundboard. I even helped a few more people get up and get down towards the end.

It was one long set, ending at a little before 2am. It ended and they decided to play one more because we asked. I went back over to Sullivan Hall, but was told that had just ended.

Topaz and Mudphonic @ Sullivan Hall 9/19/08

I got a good after-work nap and was able to make it to Sullivan Hall at 12:15am. They were just coming on, so I didn't miss it. I hadn't seen Topaz in a while so I wanted to check some out before going to Blue Note for Mocean Worker. I had listened to both Mudphonic and Mocean Workers's myspace pages before-hand and thought I was more in the mood for Topaz's southern-influenced groove.

It was good, but it couldn't hold me for too long. I enjoyed it at first, but later I was having some trouble getting into it. I figured at close to 1am it was a good idea to go to Blue Note for a bit and then I could come back later if I wanted to. That's a nice thing about Sullivan Hall, you can come and go as long as the hand-stamp stays good. Since they stamp the inside of the wrist, that's usually not a problem.

Topaz was much more southern-influenced and it was good, I just wasn't as into it as I thought I would be.

Charles Gayle @ Zebulon 9/18/08

I wasn't sure what the set times might be. I got there at 10:15 and was told nothing had happened yet. The stage was set up for some short Williamsburg theatrical piece. That started after 10:30. I tried to stick it out, but it wasn't for me. I ended up waiting outside for the 2nd half of it.

It was worth sticking around for The Charles Gayle Trio. There were plenty of people there for it, but there were still some of the theatrical people in the back who talked the entire time. When the music was loud, we couldn't hear them, but when it was soft we could. I moved right up to a standing/dancing spot right by the bathrooms, but not in the bathroom hallway. That made a big difference.

I love Hillard Green on bass. The drummer was awesome as well.

I think Charles was playing tenor as well as alto, but I might be getting some shows mixed up. I think I remember noting it and wondering if I ever saw him play tenor before.

It was another awesome improvised set of music that was about 45-50 minutes long. I guess I left a little before midnight. I would have loved to stay for the Jamie Saft Trio, but knew it wouldn't be a good idea sleep strategy wise.

Charles Gayle + Michael Wimberly Drums+ Hillard Green Bass

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Daniel Carter / Anders Nilsson / Madhu Siddappa / Peter Nilsson

I had no idea what to expect. DMG brought this to my attention, it was the right time, the right distance from my place, and I was interested to see. They rocked. I mean, 2 drummers with full kits, a rockin guitar and Daniel Carter. I was quickly up and dancing the whole time. It didn’t seem jazzy at all, but then again, I’m very jaded.

I really enjoyed it, but I also needed to pace myself. They started at 9:30 and I had to go at 10:45. I wonder when they ended. It was great.

September 17th: 9pm
Daniel Carter-horns / Anders Nilsson-guitar / Madhu Siddappa-drums / Peter Nilsson-drums
at Otto's Shrunken Head 538 E 14th Street

ESP-Disk' LIVE @ Bowery Poetry Club 9/16/08

All of the music that night was last minute. I left the Vanguard and walked over to BPC. I found out they do this every month with different artists. Awesome!

That was my first time seeing any of Matana Roberts Coin Coin. I had the idea it was way out there, but I didn’t think so. I am probably a little jaded, though. It was solo sax and very well done. She was already on when I got there, but I got over a half hour.

Then, I stayed for about 20-30 minutes of the Okkyung Lee trio. That was good avant-noise. I was really enjoying it, but I had to leave at 11:40 so I could still get some good sleep. That strategy worked well. I was only a little tired the next day.

The Bowery Poetry presents...ESP-Disk' Live
A contemporary music series the third Tuesday of every month

Tuesday September 16
10:00 PM
Matana Roberts Coin Coin:Prologue
Saxophonist/composer Matana Roberts continues workshopping of her in progress blood narrative Coin Coin, presenting 1 of two solo sound collages that bookend the entire 10 cycle sound narrative.Coin Coin-- in essence a musical monument to the human experience.

Okkyung Lee, Chris Corsano, Bill Nace
* * * * * The full ESP-Disk' catalog will be on sale at the show! * * * * *
With MC & poet in residence: Steve Dalachinsky
@ The Bowery Poetry Club308 Bowery Street NYC

Chris Potter Quartet @ Village Vanguard 9/16/08

I went to the 1st set of the run. I got there at 8:50 and had no problem getting in without a res. It was kind of full, and I chose the worst seat in the house, the one on the side in the back, right by the bathroom. The reason I chose that seat was because I intended to get up and dance over by that little space of wall before the hallway to the Ladies Room. That worked well. If I can’t sit up front, that’s where I want to be. Unless it’s really not crowded and there’s more room in the back, which does happen sometimes in the late sets.

Chris likes to groove, as do I, so it works out well. This was the set that NPR was recording. They were set up right by me, in the coat room. I see they are calling it Chris Potter Underground. I now see that is also what Chris is calling it on his website. I must have seen an expanded version that time at 55 Bar. I think there were 6 people, including Wayne Krantz and I think Dave Binney. This was listed on the Vanguard’s site as The Chris Potter Quartet. Whatever, it was awesome (although that sextet years ago at 55 Bar was something completely different).

This included Craig Taborn on keys, Nate Smith on drums, and Adam Rogers on guitar. Craig was on some kind of electric keyboard, a Rhodes maybe, and he did the bass lines.

I loved how each song went in different places and had bits of mellowness and bits of groove and some other stuff. It was awesome.

Actually, you can listen for yourself:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Upcoming: The Bad Plus + Benevento/Mathis/Barr Trio @ Merkin Hall 5/14/09

I was so engrossed in writing up that last post I accidentally got off at 14th St instead of Chambers. I didn't even realize it until after I exited the platform and had to pay again. I just went up to Merkin Hall at lunchtime to get my The Bad Plus + Marco Benevento ticket for 5/14! I am psyched!

I don't think I ever wrote about the time I was at work and was really engrossed and I was listening to the same cd over and over. When I finally noticed the music, I was blown away. I kept wondering what Marco cd I was listening to. It took me a while to realize it was The Bad Plus.

I'm so glad someone thought of this show!
Situated at the nexus of contemporary classical, jazz and rock and roll, The Bad Plus brings its all-out, uninhibited style to pop standards and its own compositions. They'll be joined by the Benevento//Mathis/Barr Trio—a keyboard/drum/drum combo that tests the limits of indie rock. This New Sounds® Live event is hosted by WNYC’s John Schaefer.

James Blood Ulmer with the Memphis Blood Blues Band featuring Vernon Reid @ Jazz Standard 9/14/08

They started with an instrumental before bringing up James Blood Ulmer for the rest of the show. It was awesome blues. I recognized a lot of the songs. Some were Greatful Dead favorites.
I remember a few years ago when Ulmer opened for Mule and it was awful. Luckily I had a conversation with Greg some time after that and he set me straight that it was the wrong venue for him.

Everyone on stage was awesome. My favorite was the organ. I was kind of surprised by that. It was just a matter of degree since they were all great.

I was disappointed there was no violin. The original listing had Charlie Burnham and it was later changed to Mazz swift, but neither of them were there. I saw Mazz tuning up for the 2nd set, so I'm not sure what was up with that. It was a great show regardless.

James Blood Ulmer with the Memphis Blood Blues Band featuring Vernon Reid
James Blood Ulmer – guitar, vocals
Vernon Reid – guitar
Charles Burnham – violin
David Barnes – harmonica
Leon Gruenbaum – piano, Hammond B-3, melodica
Mark Peterson – bass
Aubrey Dale – drums

KOTKOT @ Abrons Arts Center 9/13/08

Kotkot was great. I had my choice of center of any row up front. I chose the 4th, I didn't really like the front row that one time. I did have people on each side of me. It wasn't that full, or that empty.

When they started they announced Amir, Ribot, Cyro, and Adam Holtzman, but no Shazaad. I didn't think Adam was on the bill. Then, right when they started, Shazaad plugged in his bass and started right with them. After about a 1/2 hour, Amir introduced the band and mentioned Shazaad showed up at the last second. I for one was very glad as his low, loud, super-grooving electric bass added a lot. The way he was standing and holding the bass reminded me of George Porter Jr. Just the way he was standing, his playing was quite different yet still quite awesome.

At first, I thought it was too loud. I found myself wishing I had my earplugs. I was also complaining to myself that I really didn't want to be sitting. I wanted to be up in the back dancing. It only took a few minutes for me to completely forget my complaints and get completely absorbed in the music. It was awesome and I didn't notice it being too loud and wanted it to go on forever. It was a great 90 minute set. I think after about 45 min the people on my left got up and went. That meant I could have moved to the back. I found I preferred to be up front, grooving in my chair.

I don't think I ever heard of Amir Ziv before, but he was a great drummer/percussionist. I think he had at least 2 of each type of drum you usually see in a trap kit. He also had a lot of interesting cymbals and bells.

I still need to listen to the cd, but I'm looking forward to it.

09/13 - Amir ZIV presents KOTKOT @ Abrons Arts Center
Amir Ziv (drums) , Marc Ribot (guitar), Cyro Baptista (percussion), and Shahzad Ismaily (bass) celebrate the release of their debut record "Alive At Tonic".

Friday, September 12, 2008

Miles Okazaki Group @ Jazz Gallery 9/11/08

Yes, back to The Gallery. I worked from home yesterday so I was able to take a nap at 5:02. I woke up refreshed and enjoyed every minute of the 2nd set last night. Many people from the 1st set stayed. This was also 1 piece, but there were no pauses. I took a seat in the 2nd row. It was nice to be close, but I found after a few minutes I had to get up and move to my dancing spot in the back.

They started with Miles playing percussion by hitting his guitar and Jen singing. Miles then picked up a tambourine for a bit and played it as a drum. Then things got going with Weiss on drums. A few headbops and I had to get up. Even the mellow parts had me moving. It was awesome.

There’s still a chance to see it tonight. The 1st set was pretty full last night, but there might still be time to make a reservation soon.

Miles Okazaki GroupThursday, September 11th, 2008 to Friday, September 12th, 20089:00 & 10:30 p.m.$15.00 / $10.00 for MembersMiles Okazaki - guitar, Jen Shyu - vocals, David Binney - alto saxophone, Miguel Zenon - alto saxophone, Christof Knoche - reeds, Jon Flaugher - bass, Dan Weiss - drums

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upcoming: Search and Restore & 92nd Tribeca

I ran into Adam last night at Jazz Gallery. He said his Search and Restore Series is starting up again after a summer hiatus.

The upcoming shows look awesome!

He also mentioned he's working on a website to inform people about the NYC jazz scene. It sounds like it's going to be great. It will help us find where to go and who to see. I'm looking forward to it.

He also mentioned a new venue, 92nd Tribeca. I thought it was going to be an additional 92nd St. Y venue, but this article says it's moving to Tribeca, at least part of it: "The Y will move its "Makor" and "Daytime" programs downtown. Those programs are relocating from their former uptown digs at 35 West 67th Street, which was sold to CUNY last year."

James Carney Group @ Jazz Gallery 9/10/08

This was really awesome. It was one long piece, that they said they were recording today. It had 7 parts, and they paused after each part, so it seemed like it was 7 songs. I mean, look at the lineup, it was bound to be excellent. I went to the 2nd set, which didn't start until a little after 11. I was very tired so the mellow parts of the music were a little tough for me, but it was still great. I'll just have to check it out again.

James Carney Group
Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 9:00 & 10:30 p.m.$12.00 / $10.00 for Members
James Carney - piano, Ralph Alessi - trumpet, Tony Malaby - tenor saxophone, Peter Epstein - soprano saxophone, Josh Roseman - trombone, Chris Lightcap - bass, Mark Ferber - drums

Motion, Lovano, Frisell @ Village Vanguard 9/10/08

This was awesome. I called yesterday afternoon for a reservation. I had tried on a whim the night before, got there around 8:30, and didn't get in. I was about the 3rd or 4th in line to not get in. That night they let about 15 no res people in. Last night I was curious so I counted when they started letting no res people in and it was about 7.

I got the seat 2nd in from the front on the banquette. Over by the rail, not in the booth type seats. It was a great seat. Frisell was facing the other 2, but I could see him even though I couldn't see him play. I had a great view of Motion on Lavano.

This was 1st class jazz. I was fully engaged the entire time. They seemed so in tune with each other. It was a great show.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tompkins Square Park Jazz Jam 9/5/08

I forgot to mention I went to TSP after SexMob and caught some of the jazz jam, which included Daniel Carter and the 2 trumpets, sax, and 1 drummer from the last time I saw them. I think they do that often.

It's great music, they are in a great, comfortable spot in the Park, very close to the entrances on the Northwest side. I have a rule about going into any parks after dark, no matter how many people are there or how many people I'm with. There was no sense in applying it in this spot, though.

I hope the weather stays good and they keep doing this for a while. Being outside, all those horns never seem too loud.

McBride, Payton & Whitfield Trio @ Jazz Standard 9/7/08

Either one of McBride or Payton in anything at Jazz Standard would get me there. Now, I will add Whitfeld to that list. I actually forgot there was no drummer. Each of these guys are spectacular and at the top of their field. I was blown away at many moments.

I like going to the last set of a run at Jazz Standard. The musicians tend to not want to go, and they sometimes pull out some surprises, or play a longer set. This show was a good one for that. Christian McBride started talking after the 2nd song about how it reminded him of when the 3 of them started playing together back in the 90s. They went on a Verve mini-tour with Jimmy Smith and a bunch of other label-mates. He said each of them had to tell a story about that tour during the set. The stories were quite entertaining.

They went til 11, to accommodate all the talking, so it was fun. They also played a great tune, I think it was called “Dukey Blues” in honor of Jimmy, who sounded like quite a character, and not so great to be around, at least on that tour.

Christian McBride – bass
Nicholas Payton – trumpet
Mark Whitfield – guitar

Monday, September 8, 2008

SexMob @ The Stone 9/5/08

I am so glad I made it and I got the standing spot up front. I could have sat in the “other front row”, which was actually a good spot since Steven was over there so Tony and Briggan were facing that way. Still, I preferred to be able to move a little.

They said this was their first time playing together in over a year. I missed the last time they played at The Stone, but I thought they were together, I guess not.

It was as awesome as usual. I also found out the reason Steven talks so much in between songs is to get the blood back in his lips. That’s why a lot of trumpet players sing. I had actually been wondering that for a while, why so many trumpet players sing, and now I know.

Steven also mentioned they are doing a show with The Bad Plus in Paris. Can you imagine??!!! We need that here! Actually, I want a triple bill, Ceramic Dog, SexMob, and The Bad Plus, all in one night. That would be awesome! I haven’t looked at the date for this Paris gig yet, but I did fantasize about using my freq flier miles and rushing out there for a couple of days to see it. I bet it’s when I’ll be in Germany possibly. But, I’m pretty booked that trip and I couldn’t swing it, so that’s really why I’m not looking. I don’t want to be tempted.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Upcoming - East Village Radio Festival

Another free thing. I know I like Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Dr. Lonnie Smith, so I'm going to try to make this.


Can't make it to the seaport on September 6th? No worries. LISTEN LIVE to the festival streamed all day right here at

You can also, CLICK HERE, to enter an exclusive East Village Radio online contest give away.

East Village Radio marks its fifth anniversary by debuting the East Village Radio Music Festival scheduled for 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, September 6th on Pier 17 at South Street Seaport.

The East Village Radio Music Festival will be STREAMED LIVE for anyone who will not be able to join us at the event. Hosted by the legendary KRS-ONE, acts slated to perform throughout the day, in addition to Boris, include New York’s own and/or adopted bands Mark Ronson, Awesome Color, Vivian Girls, High Places, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, plus L.A.-based Flying Lotus, Chicago/Atlanta’s 4-IZE, Texas-based Devin the Dude, and Icelander Ólöf Arnalds, as well as a special appearance by John Oliver of The Daily Show. And simultaneously, at the venue dubbed "On The Side" @ Seaport, located at 210 Front Street, bands performing will be Lil' Dusty, Bunnybrains, Hex Message, Crystal Stilts, Woods, and BIG A little a.

Lil' Dusty 1:30
Bunnybrains 2:30
Hex Message 3:30
Crystal Stilts 5:30
Woods 6:15
BIG A little a 7:00

Also, featured on site at the festival will be exclusive visual imagery compiled by Anthology Film Archives, the East Village denizens dedicated to the preservation, study and exhibition of independent and avant-garde film, since 1970. The group will screen works from its collection of the world's most acclaimed avant-garde filmmakers, between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., in a space dubbed “On-the-Side” @ Seaport, also located at 210 Front Street.

In addition to the diverse musical lineup offered at the free day-long festival, Frank Caters will feature for purchase a menu of special grilled items along with other dishes chosen solely for the festival. Along with the special grilled items only available at the festival, other dishes offered are from the menus of Frank Restaurant, Supper, and Lil' Frankie's Pizza will also be available on site at the venue known as @ SEAPORT, where Lil Frankie's Chef will be working with their home made dough, fresh traditional ingredients, and toppings that Lil Frankie's pizzaria is known for.

For the festival, East Village Radio will run free shuttle bus service for fans between the station’s First Avenue LOCATION and the Seaport from 12:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

For press information, you can check these blogs for the latest updates:

4-ize 12:45
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble 1:15
Dr. Lonnie Smith 1:45
Olof Arnalds 2:30
Vivian Girls 3:00
High Places 3:45
Awesome Color 4:30
John Oliver 5:00
Devin the Dude 5:30
Flying Lotus 6:15
Mark Ronson 7:00
BORIS 7:45

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Upcoming - In Gardens

This looks great and it's free.


Manhattan and Brooklyn
Sunday September 7
Saturday September 13
Free Admission


*Note: Invocations will be given by Patricia Nicholson Parker.
12:30 to 3:30 pm:
Manhattan (LES)Parque de Tranquilidad:
4th St. between Ave. C & D
-Workshop led by Daniel Levin
-Improvising Strings led by Cristian Amigo (guitar) with Daniel Levin (cello), Francois Grillot, Shayna Dulberger (bass)
-Open Music Circle

2 to 5 pm:
Brooklyn (Bedford-Stuyvesant)
Target Community Garden: Bedford Ave. & Dekalb Ave.
-The Firefly Collective: Ophra Wolf, Tatyana Tenenbaum & Danica Holoviak (movement), Lorenzo Sanguedolce (tenor sax), Chris DiMeglio (trp), Tom Zlabinger (bass),Tim Bulkley (drums)
-Ahmed Abdullah (trumpet) and Monique NGozi Nri (poetry)

2:15 to 4:45 pm:
Manhattan (LES)
6BC Botanical Garden: 6th St. between Ave. B & C
-Diana Wayburn (flute), Ken Silverman (guitar) Jessica Jones (saxophone), Kevin Ray (bass)
-Workshop led by Jason Kao Hwang
-Jason Kao Hwang (violin), Todd Nicholson (bass) and Zen Matsuura (drums)
-Rob Brown solo

3 to 5 pm:
Manhattan (Hell's Kitchen)
Clinton Community Garden: 48th St. between 9 & 10 Ave
-Dave Sewelson (bari sax) and Darius Jones (alto sax)
-Brad Farberman (guitar), Chris DiMeglio (trumpet) Ras Moshe (saxophone)
-Open Jam!

12:30 to 4 pm:
Manhattan (LES):
6th Street and Avenue B Garden
-Workshop led by Steve Swell
-Charles Gayle (alto sax), Jackson Krall (drums)-Dom Minasi (guitar), Steve Swell (trombone)

2 to 5 pm:
Manhattan (LES)
El Jardin del Paraiso E. 4th and 5th Streets betw. Ave. C & D
-Steve Dalachinsky poetry
-Miriam Parker dance
-Avram Fefer
-Kali. Z. Fasteau (winds, viola, vocals), Larry Roland (bass)

*2 to 5 pm:
Brooklyn (Bedford-Stuyvesant)
Hattie Carthan Community Garden:
Clifton Ave. & Marcy Ave.
-Workshop led by Fay Victor
-Kyoko Kitamura (vocals), Khabu Doug Young (guitar + ukelele) + Special Guest-Fay Victor (vocals) & Anders Nilsson (guitar)

2 to 5 pm:
Brooklyn (Crown Heights)
Walt L. Shamel Garden: Dean St. betw. Bedford and Franklin Ave.
-Despers USA (Steel Drum Group)
-Sabir Mateen (reeds), Hilliard Greene (bass) and Zen Matsuura
-Soundpainting workshop: Lorenzo Sangueldolce and Eric Eigner

2 to 5 pm:
Brooklyn (Red Hook)
Red Hook Urban Meadow: Corner of President & Van Brunt St.
-Two Sisters: Dave Sewelson (bari sax), Claire Daly (bari sax), Dave Hofstra (bass)
-Otic Band: Dave Sewelson (bari sax), Todd Nicholson (bass), Mike Golub (drums)
-Peoples Revolutionary Party: James Keepnews (guitar), Daniel Carter (reeds), Ras Moshe (reeds), Tom Chess (reeds), Matt Lavelle (trumpet), Nick Gianni (bari sax), Welf Dorr (alto sax), Ted McEvoy (el. bass), Mike Golub (drums)

2 to 5 pm: Brooklyn (Kensington Terrace)
East Fourth Street Community Garden
East 4th Street between Fort Hamilton Parkway and Caton Avenue
-Gerald Cleaver (drums)
-Roy Nathanson (reeds)
-Jean Carla Rodea (vocals) and David Moss (bass)

Directions to:LES take F to 2nd Avenue or L
to First AvenueHell's Kitchen take C/E
to 50th St.Bedford Stuyvesant take G
to Bedford-NostrandCrown Heights take A/C
to Franklin Ave.Red Hook take F
to Carroll StreetKensington Terrace take F
to Fort Hamilton Parkway

For more information visit: or
Or call: 212-696-6681

Alternative History + Aethereal Bace @ Le Poisson Rouge 9/3/08

Awesome! Awesome bands, awesome venue, awesome vibe! I really love that place. It has great sound and I love how dark they make it for the show. I even like the lights, which are just some fun background lights, like pictures of stars or leaves or something on the wall. They do hit the artists faces, so I wonder if it’s hard on them. I doubt it, since the place is owned by musicians. They really thought things through.

I really want Garage a Trois to play there, without the tables of course. I think it would be a great place for them.

It was a double bill, with each band doing a 1 hour set.

Aethereal Bace is Nasheet Waits (drums), Eric Mcpherson (drums), and Abraham Burton (tenor sax). Can you imagine how happy I was with that instrumentation? It was phenomenal. They also had a didgeridoo sit in for a bit in the middle, which was awesome. This was my kind of music and I really hope they play more. They were supposed to play with E.S.T. at JVC Jazzfest, so I’m glad they got a makeup. It was improvising at it’s finest. Mainly just a few great musicians getting together to jam. There was some grooving parts and some quiet parts. I was reminded of this cd I have of William Parker, Hammiet Bluett, and Hamid Drake. I was also happy because it was no problem to stand behind the tables and dance. Actually, there are a few high tables back there, so I was able to put my drink down.

Alternative History is Ethan Iverson (piano), Nasheet Waits (drums) and Ben Street (bass). They are still contemplating the name, so it might change. They came together after playing at Small’s a bunch of times together. This band is about playing jazz standards. They say they don’t rehearse, but they did get together the other day to discuss what they wanted to play. Somehow, they started playing one of the tunes and then stopped to wait. Hmm. What were they doing with their instruments if they didn’t want to rehearse? I don’t really care, I just couldn’t help but wonder. Maybe they met in a room that happened to have a drum kit, upright bass, and piano, who knows. It was great, and they did a variety of standards. They said it came about due to their common love of jazz records. They didn’t stick to the same old standards, I didn’t know most of them. I did know most of the artists they were covering, though.

I had a great time and I loved how the 2 bands were pretty different. I was surprised there weren’t more people. Iverson has a big draw and it was only $15. I did go to the box office at lunchtime the day before and noticed they didn’t have it listed out front with the other advance shows. I figure it wasn’t as well advertised. It doesn’t really matter as that place is great even when it’s crowded. It’s not too tight. The chairs are nice and kind of roomy. I can’t wait to see the non-table setup.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Luminescent Orchestrii @ Joe's Pub 9/2/08

It was between this and Soundpainting at Bowery Poetry Club. I opted for this for timing reasons, a lot of BPC music shows tend to start late and last time I was surprised by an opener. It was listed as 10pm and I'm trying to pace for the week.

This was a good choice. It wasn't very crowded, they didn't even ask people if they had a table res, just told them to sit wherever they wanted. That meant I could get the dancing spot stage left, in the area before the steps.

This is a good band. I know about them because they play Barbes often and since I almost never get there, I try to get to see bands that play there when I can when they come to Manhattan.

I saw them a few months ago at Drom for the first time. I think they had a guest drummer that show. This was their regular band, 2 violins, an upright bass, and a guitar. They also had a clarinet sit in a couple of numbers.

It was great. The music is very diverse, but always had a gypsy influence. I enjoyed all of it.

I got called out for dancing. It's because they want to point out that it's OK to dance and encourage others. I usually hate it when they do that, but I didn't mind last night. I even gestured to the rest of the audience to come and join me. At one point, a girl came up and danced by me for a bit. At the end, 3 girls got up and came over to my "dance floor". I know how it is, more people want to dance, they just can't bring themselves to do it unless there's more people out there.

It was a lot of fun and good for a Tues after a holiday. I would say there were about 35-40 people there.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Edmar Castaneda @ Dizzy's 9/1/08

That was a great way to start off the month. I don't know if I will ever get tired of that band. I love that his trio has drums and trombone. His wife was there to sing a few as well. I like singers that are good and sing in another language. She also doesn't overpower the music, she enhances it. I'm sorry I had to miss her band at Jazz Standard, which included Dana Leong and Edmar last month. I hope to get another chance at some point.

I went to the 9:30 set, which started around 9:40ish and went to about 10:50ish. It was so awesome. Dizzy's is so nice. I had my dancing spot. I moved from one side of the kitchen door to the other. It means I'm not as in their way and I don't have to watch quite as much food walk by, which was kind of torturous.

It started with a couple from the trio. Then, Edmar did a solo song. Then the trio came out again. After that Andrea joined them. She stayed out for a duo with Edmar. Then I think another trio song, maybe 2. The 2nd to last song had a lot of trombone which was awesome. They ended with all 4 of them. Actually, I think they did another short one before they left. It was great and I felt I got my $20 worth.

They kept referring to the drummer as "the one with 4 hands". I love his setup. He had a bunch of triangles and some coil metal thing, a full kit, and then some hand drums right in with the kit. There was other stuff I can't remember right now. He was great.

I was so impressed, I had to look up everyone's websites. I'll have to keep an eye out for all of them.

Edmar Castaneda Trio
Marshall Gilkes - trombone
Dave Siliman - drums
w/ Special Guest Andrea Tierra - vocals

Monday, September 1, 2008

People's Revolutionary Party @ Brecht Forum 8/31/08

I got back from FL yesterday and needed some music. I couldn't get out in time for the first set, which I remember had Mike Pride in it. I did get there just in time for the 2nd band. Richard decided to charge me $6 instead of the usual $10 since I missed the first set, I thought that was nice, especially since the set was worth at least $10. I mean, 9 pieces should get a little more. I never understand that.

Anyway, this was a great show. Lots of saxes, many of which also had flutes and/or trumpets. I recognized the guitar player as helping run things at Vision Fest type events, but I didn't know he's a musician. It makes sense. He was great as were they all. I was surprised there were so many great people there I never saw before.

It was the guitar player's band, but Matt Lavelle was directing the music. I mean, that many horns had to have some direction. It did get quite loud in there. It wasn't too bad, but I wished I had remembered my earplugs.

I loved all of the music, the horns, guitar, bass an drums. Everyone had plenty of chances to shine. I seemed like Ras and Daniel were the anchors who got to do a lot of stretched out improvising while the other horns did more playing together. They definitely had their chances to stretch out. Toward the end, Matt tried to get the horns to follow him marching band style, but that didn't go over too well. It seemed like a foreign concept to most of them.

I didn't mind the speeches coming from the laptop. I mean, it's not really my philosophy, although I skirted by it in my younger years. It did remind of going to Revolutionary Books in Chicago just because it was a bookstore and I love books. I found a few, and the guy kept following me around telling me there was a lot going on that weekend. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then, he slipped a revolutionary paper in my bag when I bought the books. I laughed when I took it out since it really didn't resonate with me and I was surprised that they existed. That must have been 98-00 since that was when I was living there.

Here's the listing:

People's Revolutionary Party, a 9-piece improvising big bang, will bring their advanced ideological line to Brecht Forum on Sunday, August 31 at 9 PM. Tickets will be $10 general admission and $8 for students and seniors.

Performing music described by the group's founder, guitarist/laptopist James Keepnews, as "post-everything Ascension funk," People's Revolutionary Party combines the hardcore fire of downtown jazz with the real-time processing and sampling of contemporary experimental electronic music, occasionally engaging with excerpts from speeches given by noted figures from the struggle for social liberation, ranging from Malcolm X to Bill Hicks. The vigorous, spontaneous vibrational fire of these nine accomplished musicians in performance is something wondrous to hear and behold.

People's Revolutionary Party is:
Daniel Carter on saxophones, clarinet, flute and trumpet;
Tomchess on saxophones, flute and Turkish ney;
Welf Dorr on saxophones;
Nick Gianni on saxophones;
Michael Golub on drums;
James Keepnews on guitar, laptop and electronics;
Matt Lavelle on trumpet and bass clarinet;
Ras Moshe on saxophones and flute and subbing for Ted McEvoy,
Todd Nicholson on bass.