Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Bad Plus @ Merkin Hall 5/14/09

It was nice they did a soundcheck in between sets. I like being around for those - more notes of live music. David King had arrived a hour before from NC so he didn't have an opportunity before. It was pretty cool they let that happen, because we all benefit and get a better show.

It was great. I like seeing them in halls every now and then. I was hoping for a mashup between the 2 bands, but that didn't happen.

They left us really feeling when the last song was very emotional. A lot of people gave a standing ovation. I thought it was great, but I'm so spoiled that a standing ovation needs to be more than a regular great show. I think I'm also kind of under protest that I can't stand the whole time. It was great, but I've enjoyed them even more at other times. I actually liked the Marco set a little more.

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