Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wicked Knee @ Sullivan Hall 5/11/11

Oh wow! This is an awesome Welcome Home show, I must say. I mean, 3 stellar brass artists meets Billy Martin! It had a Nola Brass Band feel at times, but it was quite different at the same time.

This was the CD release and they say their debut performance.  It's an EP and it's phenomenal. Is was only $5 and I love it.

Steven started with the cornet (or flugelhorn?). This reviewer of the 2nd show in Helsinki the next night refers to it as a "euphonium-shaped flugelhorn".  I think it might be a bass flugelhorn, maybe even a bass trumpet. This all caused me to look up the difference between trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn.

Steven played a lot of trumpet during the set. He had his slide trumpet as well and we heard a good amount of that, too. I seemed to be enjoying the trumpet more than the slide this set. Although, there was a time when Steven and Curtis were sliding together and it was amazing. It was awesome to see the difference in the sounds between the 2 instruments.

Curtis was amazing. He played a wide range, but I loved his loud brass band ala NOLA style playing the best. The best of the best, I mean because it was all fabulous.

Marcus was so awesome! Holding down the bassline, holding the heavy tuba, and being very interesting. Billy mentioned how creative he is and how he can do anything. I flashed back to the fabulous solo performance I saw at The Stone. Then I flashed back to the time he did the whole set without a mouthpiece and he was awesome.

Most of the songs started with an amazing drum solo. I do remember one that started with tuba. Billy stayed on the kit and blew me away in each moment. This project has been a dream of his for a long time. He's played with these guys over the years but never the 4 of them as a band.

I did think of Dave Douglass' Brass Ecstasy. Mainly because they both are brass and drums. But, that's about it. They are both amazing in their own right. Fortunately, Brass Ecstacy usually has a jazz club run because if there is ever a dilemna of choosing between the 2 on a given night Wicked Knee would win out for me. This is much more of a get down band. Actually, Wicked Knee would be my choice up against almost anything.

Get the CD, get to the next show, you will be very happy.

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