Sunday, May 29, 2011

MMW @ WNYC 5/19/11

We got 3 songs of awesomeness!  While they were setting up, they did a short interview with Medeski, simply because the piano was ready to go.  Then they did an awesome Zorn piece from their Masada album.  Then, they interviewed Billy for a couple of minutes.  After that, they did an awesome traditional song they've played live but hadn't recorded until this year.  They are releasing 20 new tracks to celebrate 20 years together.

Next they interviewed Chris and then played an original.

The music was phenomenal.  The one interesting thing that came out of the interview is how they now describe their musical genre as "homeless music".

I also found it interesting it was called an acoustic show and Chris had a small bass plugged in to a pedal which was plugged in to an amp.  John and Billy were acoustic aside from mics.

I had a thought that this is still my favorite current band and Led Zeppelin is still my all time favorite band.  It would be so cool if MMW would do a whole show of re-interpreted Led Zeppelin songs!  I was very happy later at the tea tasting at the In Pursuit of Tea pop-up store, they played Led Zeppelin in the background the entire time!

Here's a link to the WNYC spot:

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