Sunday, May 29, 2011

Garland Jeffreys & The Coney Island Playboys @ WNYC Soundcheck 5/19/11

15 years in Manhattan and I've never listened to or paid attention to any radio stations.  The only one I ever listen to on the internet is New Orleans WWOZ.  This must be the jazz station everyone says is great.  I mean, just the name, wNYC is cool as hell!

I found about this, saw it was on my Birthday and immediately bought a ticket and scheduled the day off.  My choice was affirmed when I realized I would be out late the night before AND Thursdays are free tea tastings with Sebastian at In Pursuit of Tea.  My favorite band AND great tea tasting on my Birthday, of course I'm taking off!

It was worth it for this show alone.  I didn't realize until the day before that MMW was sharing the hour with a singer-songwriter band I never heard of.  I did trust that they would be good enough to get 1/2 in a combined live radio show performance with MMW.  It WAS good enough!  I enjoyed the drums a lot.  I also really liked the lead guitar.  He had some interesting slide techniques.  The lead singer was good.  I was front row center so it got a little weird the couple of times he came off the stage to sing and dance around right in front of us in the front row.

It was interesting to see something different and it wasn't a bad use of my time.

Here's a link to the WNYC Soundcheck spot:

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