Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jazzfest Leg 4 @ Fairgrounds 5/5/11

The fest was honoring Haiti, which has a lot of representation in New Orleans.  They had a tent near the Congo Square stage with art, voodoo altars, and exhibits.  AND, they had drummers!  I was fortunate to be around for one of the Haiti Voodoo Drums scheduled things.  They had a tip bucket and it was fun dancing to drums.

Charlie Musselwhite in the Blues tent was awesome.  I got to see him again briefly at the Gentilly Stage with Cyndi Lauper

John Rankin was good and worth mentioning.  All I remember is I liked it.  Brian told me later that Johnny Vidocovich was on drums.  I didn't even notice, but it probably contributed to why I liked it!  And, great, he actually tells us who he played with on his site:  John Vidacovich, Jesse Boyd, and Tom Fischer. 

I must admit I hate it when it's hard to find out who the sidemen were for anything.  Whether it's a CD I'm thinking of buying or a show I want to go to.  I realize it's because in jazz sidemen are as important as the leader.  However, it all comes down to the manner it is marketed.  Traditionally, personnel in jazz is marketed by noting all the members while other stuff tends to be about the one lead person.  At least I have the Internet where persistency often pays off in finding out what I want to know.

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