Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Revolutionary Snake Ensemble @ The Stone 5/22/11

Yup, it's time to get back to The Stone.  From the sample of 2 sets I've gotten for the Innova label curation these last 2 weeks in May are right up my alley!  This ensemble is fabulous and I'm happy to report you will get another chance in November when they are back for Cuneiform Records curation.

They do Ken Field's arrangements of other people's great songs.  I think I knew all the ones they did that night.  4 trombones, sax, trumpet, doable bass, electric bass, drums, and Kenny Wollesen in bass drum and percussion!  Horns, bass and percussion - you know it was awesome!  They did NOLA stuff, they did other stuff, it was all fantastic.

Ken Field’s Revolutionary Snake Ensemble
Alex Smith (electric bass) Blake Newman (acoustic bass) Joey Lefitz, Kenny Wollesen (drums) Alex Asher (trombone) Josh Roseman, Daniel Heath (trombone) Jerry Sabatini (trumpets) Ken Field (alto sax)
Boston saxophonist & composer Ken Field (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Willie Loco Alexander, Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Bridgman/Packer Dance, Sesame St) brings his improvisational brass band, with releases on Innova & Cuneiform, to NYC for their first area performance in 2 years. This special collaboration with guests Wollesen and Roseman will be recorded. Avant second line funk. http://www.revolutionarysnakeensemble.org/

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Ken Field said...

Thanks Terri. We did do some of my original material too, I believe, though I can't remember which pieces!