Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jazzfest Leg 6 @ Fairgrounds 5/8/11

This is it.  The grand finale of amazing musical adventure.  I finally prioritized the fest.  I wanted to go to Magnetic Ear that night at the Allways Lounge, but it turned out I needed rest for my early departure.  I booked the flight so that I could go to Monday Night Alive from the airport - it's that good.

I ended it with 2 notable acts and a smile on my face.

Punch Brothers were incredible.  I was itchy to travel after watching them for a while.  It was more due the sun.  I did the walkaround, which I love, enjoyed the Lagniappe stage for a bit and ended up back here.  I need to buy a ticket asap the next time I find out they are playing around here.  They always sell out.

Chris Thile mentioned what a good time they were having and thanks for having them.  I flashed back to the first time I ever saw him, when I got sucked into Nickel Creek one year at the Acura Stage.

The other band worth noting in my last leg is Robin & the Bluebirds at Lagniappe Stage.  There's no star next to them, but they were the last band I saw and I liked them enough to note them.

How many days til next year?

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