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Warren Haynes Band @ Beacon Theatre 5/12/11

I had pre-ordered the CD, which was waiting for me at work when I got back from NOLA.  This was the first show of the tour. They did something in NOLA, but it was probably quite different due to all of the special guests.  I stuck that setlist at the bottom of this post.

Now, Warren is amazing and it's awesome to hear him any time.  I knew it wasn't going to be Mule-ish.  I also had an idea from the CD that it wasn't going to be funky, like I originally hypothesized based on the personnel.  It was Warren doing something a little different, but still great.

I enjoyed the 1st set a lot.  I do wish we heard more from Ruthie.  I think she could do some sort of vocals, like backup on most of the songs.

Nigel was pretty well contained and I enjoyed some of his playing.  I'd still rather someone else, but I could deal.  Danny Lewis sat in during the 2nd set.  It begs the question why didn't they get him instead of Nigel.

I thought they were going to knock our socks off the 2nd set.  All that talent up there, The Beacon, they probably got the album out of the way.  I was surprised it started with about 1/2 hour of solo Warren.  As it went on, I flashed back to sometime in the last 10 years when Warren was doing those solo gigs.  I remember thinking it was going to be The Warren Haynes Band and I was wondering who he would be playing with.  I was surprised it was just him, in a small room, and it wasn't the most danceable.  I can picture standing in the back, but I can't remember where it was.

Anyway, the solo set was good, it was just not the preferred timing for it.  Maybe it was on purpose, but it would have been nice if Warren would have opened for his band as an opening band.  He then could have shortened the regular sets if he wanted to.  Either that or he could have had Ruthie up there with him for the whole thing.  That would have made all the difference.  It was one of those "it was good but I had a different expectation of how it would go" things.  I'm sure jazzfest had a lot to do with it.  I mean, after being blown away and seeing so much amazing things you never get to see, I expected all future shows to be like that.  Still, it was a good solo mini-set.

When they got going again with the band, things got spectacular at times.

Overall, I loved it.  I do love Mule more, but I think this is just a special one-off project Warren is doing - similar to that time he did that solo touring.

The Beacon Theatre - New York, NY

Set 1:
Man In Motion
Rivers Gonna Rise
Sick of My Shadow
Your Wildest Dreams
A Friend To You
On A Real Lonely Night
Born Under A Bad Sign w/ William Bell
You Don't Miss Your Water w/ William Bell
Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday w/ William Bell

Set 2:
The Real Thing
In My Life
Back Where I Started
Old Friend
Save Me w/ Nigel Hall & Danny Louis
Beautifully Broken w. Danny Louis
Power & The Glory
Hattiesburg Hustle
Sneakin Sally Through The Alley
Tear Me Down

Grinnin' In Your Face->
Grinnin' In Your Face->
Feel Like Breaking Up Somebodies Home w/ Brad Whitford

Touring band:
Warren, Nigel Hall (keyboards/background vocals),Terence Higgins (drums), Ron Holloway (Saxophone), Ron Johnson (bass), Ruthie Foster (vocals)

Album personnel and a bit about the recording from the website:
‘Man In Motion' clocks in at over an hour, allowing for its ten tracks to breathe and develop, punctuated by a stellar rhythm section and sophisticated, moving solo guitar work from Haynes. The studio band includes Ivan Neville on background vocals and organ, Ian McLagan on piano, Ruthie Foster on background vocals, George Porter, Jr. on bass and Ron Holloway on saxophone. Haynes recorded the album at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studios to two-inch tape with vintage tube microphones and everyone playing together in the same room. "We recorded it live to capture the emotion, passion, and spontaneity."

Mahalia Jackson Theatre - New Orleans, LA

Set 1:
Take A Bullet w/ George Porter Jr.
Beautifully Broken w/ George Porter Jr.
Power & The Glory
Ain't No Love w/ Walter Wolfman Washington
Use Me w/ Walter Wolfman Washington
Rivers Gonna Rise
Fire In The Kitchen
On Your Way Down w/ Trombone Shorty
Feel Like Breaking Up Somebodies Home w/ Trombone Shorty & Brian Stoltz

Set 2:
Grinnin In Your Face (Warren & Ruthie Foster)
John the Revelator w/ The Dirty Dozen Horns
Man in Motion w/ The Dirty Dozen Horn and Ivan Neville
Everyday Will be Like A Holiday w/ Ivan Neville
Sick of My Shadow w/ Ivan Neville
Soulshine w/ Bruce Katz
That's What Love Will Make You Do
St James Infirmary w/ Anders Osborne, Smoky Greenwell & Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Smokestack Lightning

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