Saturday, May 28, 2011

JD Allen Trio @ LPR 5/18/11

It was my first free show with my LPR membership.  Someone suggested I get one when I mentioned how often I am there.  It's $50 and every month, there are about 10 or so shows that are free for members.  You give them your card every time you buy food or drinks.  Every time you accumulate another 50 points ($1 each), you get a free drink.  There are other rewards as you get higher accumulations during the year.  So far, I got this free show and 1 free drink and it's only been a couple of months!  I anticipate getting the whole $50 back at least.  If not, I'm content with supporting a place that books great music, has a box office and low ticket prices.

It started with the 10 minute film, "Victory".  I loved the music playing in the background, I had trouble listening to what was being said.  I had trouble getting interested.  I was surprised by that.  But, like I said, I enjoyed the music and some of the visual footage, so it was fine for me for 10 minutes.

Next we were treated to a 1.5 hour blown away phenomenal jazz trio set.  I didn't know it ahead of time, but it's exactly what I wanted.  It was fabulous and I was blown away by all of them.  I must say, they looked fabulous as well!  They all had on very sharp black suits and it added to the brilliance of seeing such a class act.
JD Allen Trio
CD Release of "Victory!"
w/ exclusive screening of Mario Lathan's short film "Victory!"
Wed., May 18, 2011 / 6:30 PM
Minimum Age: 18+
Doors Open: 6:30 PM
Show Time: 7:30 PM
This is a first-come, first-served partially seated event. Seating is limited and not guaranteed; please arrive early.

On May 17th Sunnyside Records will release the JD Allen Trio’s highly anticipated third release for the label, his 5th as a leader - VICTORY! featuring Allen’s longstanding trio with Allen on tenor sax, Gregg August on bass and Rudy Royston on drums.

The May 18th CD celebration at (Le) Poisson Rouge will include, along with a LIVE performance of music from Victory!, an exclusive viewing of the Mario Lathan short film, VICTORY!, which is embedded on the CD and gives an in depth look at Allen. The film plays an integral part of the recapitulation in the loosely-based sonata form, which the album is based. The JDA Trio performance will begin one long set as the screening comes to an end to exemplify the vision.

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