Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marco, George, Brian, Adam @ Parish 5/6/11

I didn't get up in time for anything earlier, but this 2am show is what I especially wanted to see.  Oh wow!  This is the real deal!  It was a grooving funkdown like no other.  At first it was all instrumental and fabulous.  Later they pulled out many awesome old school covers.

I need to get a set list - please let one exist.  Yeah!  I got what I wanted on and reproduced it below.

At one point, George was so happy with us, he asked if we were suggesting they make this a band.  Hell Yeah!  The world needs this band!

Superjam feat. Marco Benevento, George Porter Jr., Brian Stoltz and Adam Deitch @ House of Blues Parish

From the jambands review mentioned above.  Wow, I thought there were even more covers.  It was as fabulous as if it were so:

"The late night portion of New Orleans’s JazzFest is known for its superjams and this year’s festival was no different. Friday night the House of Blues’ Parish hosted a superjam that brought together Brian Stoltz (guitar), Marco Benevento (keyboards), Adam Deitch (drums) and George Porter Jr. (bass). The ad hoc band offered two sets of completely improvised, mostly instrumental music. Most of the evening’s consisted of freeform jams, though Deitch weaved into a version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” with Stoltz supplying lead vocals while Benevento slipped an instrumental version Ce Lo Green’s “F**k You. The group also performed War’s 'Why Can’t We Be Friends.'"

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