Thursday, May 12, 2011

Illuminasti Quartet @ Howlin Wolf 5/4/11

Skerik, James Singleton, Mike Dillon and Steven Bernstein!  I got there at around 11:30 and they were on.  They were on!  This was perfect.  Sometime in there, Mark Sutherland joined them with his bag of instruments. I love it when Skerik and Mark play together! 

At one point, Skerik reached into the bag and pulled out 2 instruments made out of coiled tubes with a sax reed at the end.  They were very interesting and made different sounds depending on how they moved the tube parts.  They were equally interesting just playing more normal looking saxophones.

Mike would move around to various instruments throughout the course of the set.  I liked the tablas a lot.  Sometimes he's go to the vibes, but he was most often on the kit.

This was my only James Singleton appearance.  I wanted to get to some of his other things, especially his orchestra at Zeitgeist on Sat night, but sleep won out.   This year, I prioritized the fest over the night, but got some amazing night shows anyway.

This set was awesome and made me very happy!

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