Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jazzfest Leg 1 @ Fairgrounds 5/5/11

I was pretty much at the fest all day every day 2nd weekend.  The weather was wonderful, the music was awesome and it felt so good to be there.  It seems appropriate this year to chop up the experience into several posts.  A "leg" is around an hour.  I'm mentioning anything I noted was worth mentioning, but I must admit I have a short memory for some of it.

I got there a little before 11, which was perfect to get my bearings.  I started off the fest with some afrobeat courtesy of Gov't Majik - the Dirty South Afrobeat Orchestra.  They were awesome!

Next I caught a  little of Ovi-G & the Froggies at the Lagniappe Stage.  I don't remember much, except noting I wanted to mention it.  Here's what the Offbeat listing says:  "Pianist and singer Ovidio 'Ovi-G' Giron formed this New Orleans band to perform the soca and marimba music that he grew up hearing in Guatamala". 

Next I had a great time at BRW.  The band was phenomenal.  It was one of the highlights of the day and well worth coming out early.

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