Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jazzfest Leg 5 @ The Fairgrounds 5/6/11

I only had one more hour left in me.  I did something to my foot earlier, so I had lots of feet challenges for the duration of the trip, but I usually only noticed it at the fest.

Better Than Ezra - who are they better than?  They did nothing for me.

The SteelDrivers caught me at the Fais Do Do Stage for a bit.

In spite of hurting feet, I had to get down for a bit at Big Sam's Funky Nation.  That was great.

I did a little walk by Alex McMurray on my way out.  I wasn't going to attempt to stick around for Willie Nelson.

Yeah, a lackluster day at the fest means less mentionable and only 3 acts with stars next to it.  Still better than an average day.  Also, I wanted to make sure I had energy for the night.

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