Saturday, May 14, 2011

Marco Benevento Trio @ Howlin Wolf 5/4/11

When Skerik told us Marco was next he said something like, If you are playing roulette, it doesn't matter if you bet on red or black, Marco is always a good bet.  Something like that.  It's true!  This trio would appeal to many many people.  Whether your thing is jazz, rock, jammy, whatever, if you like music you would appreciate Marco's trio.

I'm fortunate I get so many opportunities to see it.  I ended up listening outside for a large portion of the set.  It was great, it was just nice to be outside on such a nice night.  I did go back in for the last couple, and it was awesome inside as well.  He played with Reed Matthis and John Speice, the drummer from the Hairy Apes.

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