Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tiny Resisters @ LPR 5/18/11

I was so surprised this was first.  I know Mary is big, but so is Andrew Bird.  I'm actually glad because people need to know about this.  It was phenomenal.

Andrew is quite different from Jenny Scheinman, but great in his own right.

It was an all-star lineup in my opinion.  I would go to see any of them in anything.

It was so great to have both Steve Cardenas AND Jonathan Goldberger on guitar.  Steve really had me at various times.

Sometimes, I just had to groove on the drums.

I love LPR because it's easy to dance.  I needed that!

Alan Ferber was our only horn, but if you're only going to have one, it's a phenomenal choice!

It was just fabulous and it's ridiculous that I miss all those opportunities to see them in Brooklyn and 55 Bar.

John Ellis (sax & clarinet)
Alan Ferber (trombone)
Andrew Bird (violin & looping)
Steve Cardenas (guitar)
Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)
Ted Poor (drums & percussion)
Todd Sickafoose (bass & piano)

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