Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jazzfest Leg 5 @ Fairgrounds 5/8/11

Bluerunners Reunion at Fais Do Do Stage was fun enough to hang out for a bit.  From the jazzfest listing
"A reunion of the original, 1980s lineup of The Bluerunners. A major influence on the modern era of Louisiana music, the groundbreaking line-up combined Cajun, roots and alternative rock into a heady stew that included frequent detours into rockabilly and zydeco. The original quartet and other Bluerunners members will celebrate the enduring legacy of their music.
The original line-up of The Bluerunners included Rob Savoy on bass, John Maloney on drums and washboard, Steven LeBlanc on drums and accordian, Mark Meaux on guitar, and Michael McBane on drums, guitars, and percussion."

Generationals at Lagniappe Stage were OK. I think I might like them more without the vocals.  Here's their bio for more on them.

I didn't know anything about Kid Rock, except that he is popular. There were moments when I was walking by (which I did a few times) that I liked what I heard.

Rebirth was great. I just like them even more in a club at night. Also, I overdid them one fest, I think as far back as 2002 or 2003. I also overdid then in NYC, so now I don't see them every time they come around even though I love them. To think, some locals see them practically every Tuesday at The Maple Leaf.

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