Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jazzfest Leg 1 @ Fairgrounds 5/8/11

Rumba Buena at the Congo Square Stage was fun, even though I didn't stay long.  From the jazzfest listing:  "Rumba Buena (Latin)
Specializing in salsa and meringue, this band is made up of musicians who, pre-Katrina, played in groups like Los Babies and Los Sagitarios. It’s the brainchild of percussionist Johnny Marcia."

I liked Russell Batiste & friends for a minute but then it went soul jazz and I had to go.

I thought I'd be making the rounds for a while but I got stopped in the Blues Tent at Mem Shannon & the Membership and had to stay for the rest of the set.  It was awesome.  My legs were sore, so I just chair danced.  It was blues gone funky.

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