Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Garage a Trois @ Louisiana Music Factory 5/4/11

They were going on a little late and I just rolled into town and was hungry and craving a margarita.  I went over to Felipe's, where the tacos and margaritas are stellar.  I was served by the guy that just won the margarita contest from the night before.  It was a big deal and he won a trip to Mexico.  I also got that another great place for margaritas in Nola is Lucy's, which is on the way to Howlin Wolf.  I didn't make it this trip, but will try another time.

Anyway, armed with a frozen margarita to go, after spending a mere $10 on 2 amazing tacos and 2 margaritas and leaving a good tip due to the discount, I made my way around the corner to the in-store performance.

It was packed and there was no way I was going to squeeze my way through there.  Instead, I got myself a sweet spot right outside the door where I could dance and hear great and put down my enormous bag.  The music was great.  They went on moments before I got there and played for about a half hour.

It was time to check in and take a nap.

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