Saturday, May 21, 2011

Brass Band @ Frenchman St 5/7/11

It was fun hanging out on Frenchman.  This band has been playing outside on the street for a while.  It was a lot of fun and you couldn't help but dance.

I mentioned it to Jim the next day.  He know who they were and said they've been playing on Frenchman for a while now.  I'm sorry to say I don't remember their name.  It might be this one

Oh yes!  Here's a blogger with a snippet about the brass band AND the Doug Wambish show I had just missed (see my next post).

Here's the portion of the blogger's post.  Follow this link for more about her jazzfest experience this year.
"Jazz Fest isn’t just about the music on the racetrack grounds. Throughout the week, every venue in the city is booked with bands until the wee hours. Saturday, we made our way to the Blue Nile on Frenchman Street to see Connecticut band Wimbash featuring Corey Glover and bass player Doug Wimbish, both of Living Color. I’d been told that Wimbish was the finest bass player around but hearing is believing. I’m a sucker for anyone who can find new ways to play a traditional instrument and Wimbish has mastered his instrument to the point of reinvention. I’m loathe to compare anyone to Hendrix, but when the inventiveness and talent fits… He was truly remarkable and it was nothing less than an honor to witness his ability.

The band played many covers from Grandmaster Flash to James Brown but could never be confused with a cover band. They were able to roll seamlessly from a lyric-less version of The Treme Song into 80′s anthem White Lines. Speaking as a former nightclub DJ who understands beat-mixing, it was impressive. They invited trumpeter Maurice Brown to join the band onstage and we were treated to yet another virtuoso. I asked Maurice if he lived here, but now residing in New York, he was another wonderful thing lost in The Storm. Come back, Maurice!

Frenchman Street was packed when the show let out. Crowds spilled from sidewalks out onto the street and drivers could go no more than 2 miles per hour. A brass band with 2 sousaphones played on the corner, the first I’ve seen that late at night since the new police chief put an end to street bands after 8 pm. We stayed a moment, danced in the street, but had to rest up for the last day of Jazz Fest."

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