Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jazzfest Leg 3 @ Fairgrounds 5/5/11

Brice Winston in the Jazz Tent was phenomenal.  I've seen him many times with Terrence Blanchard.  His own band is just as good.  I don't remember who was in it, but they were on the same caliber if not the same people as on his CD:  Derrick Hodge, Aaron Parks, Kendrick Scott.  At some point, he brought Terrence out to sit in during his set.  It was awesome.

It sounded great in the Economy Hall Tent with Lino Patruno and Frances Nero, Forever Blues From Italy.  I didn't stay long, but I liked it.  I was able to translate the info on the website.  I saw Craig Klein up there so I thought they might be local transplants, but not so:

From 3rd to 8th of May Lino Patruno was invited to represent Italy at the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans and has been a great success especially with regard to the two soloists Italian, Fabrizio Cattaneo Mauro Carpi on trumpet and violin. On the occasion of the festival was also screened the film "Forever Blues" by Franco Nero who has availed himself of Lino Patruno for the construction of a soundtrack. We remember the other soloists who have been part of the U.S. group Patruno: Craig Klein (trombone, vocals), Tom Hook (piano, vocals), Chris Sharkey (bass), David Hansen (drums)."

For the video for "Forever Blues" click here.

New Orleans Bingo Show - I don't get the fuss.  I never give it much time, but I'm all about the music and not into the fanfare.

Zigaboo sounded good.  I didn't stay for the whole thing, but it was nice to get some Zig.

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