Sunday, September 21, 2008

Topaz and Mudphonic @ Sullivan Hall 9/19/08

I got a good after-work nap and was able to make it to Sullivan Hall at 12:15am. They were just coming on, so I didn't miss it. I hadn't seen Topaz in a while so I wanted to check some out before going to Blue Note for Mocean Worker. I had listened to both Mudphonic and Mocean Workers's myspace pages before-hand and thought I was more in the mood for Topaz's southern-influenced groove.

It was good, but it couldn't hold me for too long. I enjoyed it at first, but later I was having some trouble getting into it. I figured at close to 1am it was a good idea to go to Blue Note for a bit and then I could come back later if I wanted to. That's a nice thing about Sullivan Hall, you can come and go as long as the hand-stamp stays good. Since they stamp the inside of the wrist, that's usually not a problem.

Topaz was much more southern-influenced and it was good, I just wasn't as into it as I thought I would be.

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