Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chris Potter Quartet @ Village Vanguard 9/16/08

I went to the 1st set of the run. I got there at 8:50 and had no problem getting in without a res. It was kind of full, and I chose the worst seat in the house, the one on the side in the back, right by the bathroom. The reason I chose that seat was because I intended to get up and dance over by that little space of wall before the hallway to the Ladies Room. That worked well. If I can’t sit up front, that’s where I want to be. Unless it’s really not crowded and there’s more room in the back, which does happen sometimes in the late sets.

Chris likes to groove, as do I, so it works out well. This was the set that NPR was recording. They were set up right by me, in the coat room. I see they are calling it Chris Potter Underground. I now see that is also what Chris is calling it on his website. I must have seen an expanded version that time at 55 Bar. I think there were 6 people, including Wayne Krantz and I think Dave Binney. This was listed on the Vanguard’s site as The Chris Potter Quartet. Whatever, it was awesome (although that sextet years ago at 55 Bar was something completely different).

This included Craig Taborn on keys, Nate Smith on drums, and Adam Rogers on guitar. Craig was on some kind of electric keyboard, a Rhodes maybe, and he did the bass lines.

I loved how each song went in different places and had bits of mellowness and bits of groove and some other stuff. It was awesome.

Actually, you can listen for yourself:

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