Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mocean Worker @ Blue Note 9/19/08

Finally! I have been trying to get to him for a while, but it hasn't worked out. I haven't been trying that hard, or it would have happened by now.

I didn't know what to expect. I knew Mocean Worker is a guy and that he often has people play with him. I couldn't find out anything about who he would be playing with and I was a little apprehensive that it was going to be very DJ/electronic-ish.

I was so glad when I walked in and saw some familiar faces on the stage including Olivia Pupu-Walker, Cochemea, and Zack Danzinger. There was also keyboards, an alto sax and a flugelhorn. Mocean was on bass and would sometimes have some sampled recording on in the background.

It was great, grooving, get-down music. I certainly got down in my spot way over by the soundboard. I even helped a few more people get up and get down towards the end.

It was one long set, ending at a little before 2am. It ended and they decided to play one more because we asked. I went back over to Sullivan Hall, but was told that had just ended.

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