Tuesday, September 9, 2008

McBride, Payton & Whitfield Trio @ Jazz Standard 9/7/08

Either one of McBride or Payton in anything at Jazz Standard would get me there. Now, I will add Whitfeld to that list. I actually forgot there was no drummer. Each of these guys are spectacular and at the top of their field. I was blown away at many moments.

I like going to the last set of a run at Jazz Standard. The musicians tend to not want to go, and they sometimes pull out some surprises, or play a longer set. This show was a good one for that. Christian McBride started talking after the 2nd song about how it reminded him of when the 3 of them started playing together back in the 90s. They went on a Verve mini-tour with Jimmy Smith and a bunch of other label-mates. He said each of them had to tell a story about that tour during the set. The stories were quite entertaining.

They went til 11, to accommodate all the talking, so it was fun. They also played a great tune, I think it was called “Dukey Blues” in honor of Jimmy, who sounded like quite a character, and not so great to be around, at least on that tour.

Christian McBride – bass
Nicholas Payton – trumpet
Mark Whitfield – guitar

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