Sunday, September 21, 2008

Charles Gayle @ Zebulon 9/18/08

I wasn't sure what the set times might be. I got there at 10:15 and was told nothing had happened yet. The stage was set up for some short Williamsburg theatrical piece. That started after 10:30. I tried to stick it out, but it wasn't for me. I ended up waiting outside for the 2nd half of it.

It was worth sticking around for The Charles Gayle Trio. There were plenty of people there for it, but there were still some of the theatrical people in the back who talked the entire time. When the music was loud, we couldn't hear them, but when it was soft we could. I moved right up to a standing/dancing spot right by the bathrooms, but not in the bathroom hallway. That made a big difference.

I love Hillard Green on bass. The drummer was awesome as well.

I think Charles was playing tenor as well as alto, but I might be getting some shows mixed up. I think I remember noting it and wondering if I ever saw him play tenor before.

It was another awesome improvised set of music that was about 45-50 minutes long. I guess I left a little before midnight. I would have loved to stay for the Jamie Saft Trio, but knew it wouldn't be a good idea sleep strategy wise.

Charles Gayle + Michael Wimberly Drums+ Hillard Green Bass

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