Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dual Identity @ The Living Theatre 9/20/08

I knew this would be good. This festival has a great lineup period. It is also nice to see the chairs were closer to the performance area. There were no bleachers and the set so far for the next regular performance at the Living Theatre provides a nice atmosphere. They said its some kind of Poe theoretical narrative, or something like that.

Rudresh Mahanthappa and Liberty Ellman were what pulled me in to see the show, but they were all awesome. I have to admit all I can remember about the music at this point is that I loved it. I'll let the lineup speak for itself.

'Clean Feed Fest NY III'
at the Living Theatre, 21 Clinton St, Manhattan
September 20th [Sat]
10:30 - Dual Identity -
Steve Lehman - alto saxophone, Rudresh Mahanthappa - alto saxophone, Liberty Ellman - guitar, Matt Brewer - double bass, Damion Reid - drums

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