Monday, September 29, 2008

PBS w/ Paige McConnel @ BB King's 9/26/08

That was fun. I expected it to be great because I saw their set at jazzfest. It actually started out a little off. It was good at first, but not great, especially since I know what they are capable of. It got better and better as it went on and by the 2nd set it was excellent. I must admit I've still seen better out of PBS, but if I never saw them before, this was a great show.

I definitely didn't realize how tired I was. I was ready to go to either The Bad Plus or Grayson Capps at Banjo Jim's. I decided on Banjo Jim's, but I was a little early and decided to stop at home. Then I realized I was out of steam and more tired than I thought, so I didn't go back out.

I wasn't thrilled with most of the singing at PBS. There were some songs it was fine and the best singing all night was this one throaty number with Russell doing the vocals that was pretty good. Russell was also pretty much in check, with just a few annoying outbursts. That really does influence my enjoyability.

BBs got pretty crowded, but it wasn't unbearable. When it gets that crowded I tend to like the right side of the stage more.

It was also nice to see everybody. Almost every single person said they haven't seen me in a while. Since I've been out at plenty of music, I guess it means my tastes have been changing. I have been moving more and more to the jazz side of things. I also can't take too much funk anymore. Again Dumpstaphunk was around close to when PBS was playing and I knew I couldn't do both in a week. I also know PBS is a much better bet that it will be great.

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